**What Lite-On should I go for?**



What Lite-On should I go for?
I am looking at either the 32x or the 40x, I do intend to overclock it.

is the LTR-40125S better than the LTR-40125W ??


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The 32125W can be overclocked to 48x :smiley:


Does that mean it will have the same features as the 48x aswell? or do they all have the same features anyway? (if that makes sense!)


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The OC’ed 48x seems to perform the same functions as the “original” 48125, if that’s your question.


I have a Lite-On 32125W on my other pc and it works great. Almost all CD-R media, all cheap no brand ones, are labeled to be 32x, certified 48x ones are at least twice as expensive. The Lite-On always burn at 32x and there are never any errors. I haven’t OCed to 48x mostly because of this, but my friend did and it works fine for him. So I definitely recommend the 32x models.

Hope this helps


Thanks for your help

I am finding it hard to get hold of the 32125W all that is around is the 32125s (which I believe can not be overclocked), I live in the UK so if anyone knows of a place where I can get the W version from that would be a big help.

I have seen the LTR-40125S, is this a good one to get?


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Try http://www.ebuyer.com


the 40125S is fine and can be overclocked to 48x cdrw…