What LITE-ON for CD testing?



Are Lite-ON DVD-writters good enough for CD testing ?
I want to know if the results of my SHW-16H5S LS0W is ok for CD testing


No, they’re not… :disagree: If you want a LiteOn, you should stick with a [B]CD burner[/B]… see here (expecially from post #4 onwards). :wink:

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thanks for info.



I wouldn’t even use a Liteon CD-RW drive for this job. At least the SOHR-5239V (this is the latest CD_RW drive from Liteon) is far too optimistic in its scanning results.

Best bet at the moment is a Benq DW 165x, but they are rare nowadays.



I agree. Especially with the introduction of Advanced Disc Quality scanning for some BenQ drives in Neo CD-DVD Speed, this is now my preferred CD scanning drive. But I never trust scans from a single drive, and for testing purposes I would use three different drives in this order of preference:

  1. BenQ DW1655/1650/1640/1620 with Advanced Disc Quality scan in CDSpeed
  2. Plextor PX-760/755/716/712/Premium2/Premium with PxScan or Plextools
  3. LiteOn CD-RW drive - an earlier drive rather than the more recent drives, since e.g. the SOHR-5239V is much too optimistic about quality of bad discs.
  4. NEC/Optiarc DVD burner Disc Quality scan at 32x in CDSpeed, but these drives vary much in how well they scan