What Lite-on DVD burner for scanning?

I am looking a Lite-on DVD burner for scanning, this will be for another machine of mine. I would like a 8x as I will use it to compare scans with my BenQ.

Also any place that takes paypal that has the drive you suggest would be greatly appreciated, I also wouldn’t mine buying one off someone second hand :slight_smile:


check ebay for the Lite-On SOHW 1633S

Or wait for SOHW-1673S which must be 1% better than SOHW-1633S.

If you want 8X go for the SOHW-832S with the CG3E firmware installed. If you want to make optimal quality burns you can also turn auto-bitsetting on with the CG3E firmware and use DVD+R media. My DVD+R media of choice is Verbatim MCC003. This media produces outstanding results at 8X burning speed on a 832s.

i get varying scans with my 16xx drives, for stability I would look for a 832 if you can find one just to do scans with.

I have gotten consistent results with my 1213s flashed to a 1633s. So have many others on this forum. And it is a very fast ripper, and gives very nice results burning RICOHJPNR01 at 8x.