What LG drives do you have?



I have a few only myself. The first LG drive I ever had was GSA-4082B though I once used LG 4x CD writer at a company I worked for on this island to submit something to the airport company. (This island was created solely for the airport.)

  1. LG GSA-4082B (South Korean DOM, white, A208 firmware)
  2. LG GSA-4120B (engineering sample, nothing on top, now using flasher-firmware A302 of GSA-4160B)
  3. LG GSA-5163D (sample but a retail box, now with A102 firmware)
  4. LG 52x CD-ROM drive which a friend in Seoul gave to me in 2003 in return for some things I gave him

But the most frequently used LG products for me are a refrigerator, a washing machine, LG credit card… not LG DVD writers.


I own an GSA-4160B A303.
It´s my first DVD writer. I always refrained from getting one, because “burning DVDs is so complicated”. Well, if anyone out there heared that as well, don´t believe it. For everyday copying of files, movies, whatsoever there is a nice palette of programms out there that makes life plenty easy.


LG in my life

CD-R Writers:

  1. CED 8120b
  2. GCE 8160b
  3. GCE 8240b (wery short :confused: )
  4. GCE 8320b
  5. GCE 8400b
  6. GCE 8520b
  7. GCE 8525B (now :cool: )
  8. GCE 8526b (soon :cool: )

LG GDR 8163b (now :cool: )

DVD Writers
DVD RAM GSA 4163B (now :bow: )

I have also monitor LG Flatron F700P…


You’ve got a LG credit card.


I have a GSA-4163B. It appeared quite soon in Italy, at a reasonable price (I bought it in a local store, not online). It is a great drive, IMO. :bow:

Regards, :slight_smile:



Currently got an LG 4163 and LG 4120 - but the latter will be going as it has been sold.


My GSA-4120 is my second DVD writer.

I had the Nu-tech DDW-081 before, after it got rave review on site.
Big mistake, it had tremendous problems reading back (crappy, but even ones written by itself)) DVD’s, would sometimes create spurious errors on Arita RICOHJPNR01, even on my Verbatim DVD+RW I bought for backups in the first place. I just couldn’t trust it.

I love the GSA-4120, no coaster so far (100+ written) on several media:

Platinum 8x DVD+R RICOHJPNR02
Philips 4x DVD+RW PHILIPS 041
Verbatim 4x DVD+RW MKM A02

Only one problem encountered so far when I had an DVD+RW written by my brother’s NEC 3500; couldn’t read it or even format it. After complete format by the same NEC, my LG still couldn’t access it. Another NEC 3500 at a friend’s formatted it again, and finally I could use it again. Very weird indeed !


I’ve got the LG 4081B FW.104, it was just replaced a week ago by the shop i bought the computer from nearly a year ago. It was replaced due to the Focus Servo Tracking Error, now only a week later the replacemet is giving me “Could not perform end of Disc-at-once”. I’ve had 4 out of 12 burns that were successful. One successful burn using Maxell dvd-r 4.7GB and 3 successful from a generic spindle dvd-r 4.7GB.


Just bought the GSA-4163B Was on sale at $80.00 CDN after $30.00 rebate.

Now just have to figure best deal on blank media. <shrug>


I got my GSA-4163B from NewEgg about one month ago and am using the A102 firmware. I bought it, based on the review published here at CD Freaks. I found that it works well with RicohJPNR01 and really well with MCC003 (Kprobe scans). I am more interested in the Quality rather than the speed of the burns. That’s what the review said, that’s what I bought and that what’s I got - GREAT!



My 4163 with A102 firmware does not seem to like MCC003 (or at least the batch I have), as it will not burn faster than 6x. My 4120 (A115 firmware) has no problems with MC003at 12x.

It’s fine with YUDEN000T02, RICOHJPNR02 and MAXELL002.

I have some MCC004 on order - hopefully arriving early next week. :slight_smile:


My second post and my first DVD recorder. I bought the 4163b(Newegg.com) $76.00 retail. Being a newbie I reshearched the articles here and lurked on the forums until I joined. After reading and trying to absorb as much info as I could I burnt the first disc successfully. Since I have backed up 4 movies and all play on my stand alone player’s, Lite-On 5005a(hacked fw 1098)and a Panasonic. I used Maxwell 8x +R( CMC MAG F01)
. Being a newbie I also bought some RW discs from Staples,their brand(Optodisc-OP1) and they played perfectly on the stand alone players. Next I’ll try the Dual layer disc and see what my results are with them. Great site and great info! CD Freaks helped me to take the plunge and after that helped me to understand the Bit’s from the Byte’s and the Rom’s from the Ram’s.


Here is a typical scan from my Verbatim MCC003 8x MIT that I got from a Best Buy in SE Florida. I like it, but I only burn at 4x - maybe that’s the difference. I do a slow burn since the rest of the process (decrypt,shrink,scan and final check) takes about 3 hours, saving 7 minutes isn’t that big of a deal. I’m doing episodic TV series discs that take forever!


I just re-burned the exact iso image file as my above posted 4x MCC003 scan; only this time I burned at 8x. The results were quite similar. The PI was just a shade higher and the PIF actually showed a little improvement. I guess each machine is a little different or maybe you guys get “better” quality Verbatims over in Europe. I really do mean better. I’ve read that their best stuff goes to Europe and SE Asia. Anyway thanks for making me work harder. Let’s see – at 500 disks per year and 7 minutes savings per disk … Hey! You saved me 1.5 work weeks - Thanks.


The Maxwell’s manufacture posted was incorrect!The Maxwell’s are:
MAXWELL-Manufacturer: Ricoh Code: RICOHJPN R02
Disc Type: DVD+R
Recording Speed: 8 X

I did state that I am a Newbie, that and the results where correct :o


LG credit card market penetration rate in South Korea is nearly 100%. There is very few household that uses a credit card but does not has LG credit card. The second is perhaps Samsung but profitability is not good for LG.

It seems most people who read this forum are either interested in GSA-4120/4160B or GSA-4163B. Over half of people who voted here have GSA-4163B.


GSA-4163B…my first LG drive…:D:D


Hi, i have a 4160B A303 Firmware, actually using TGY02 works very well but only 8X, very happy with the drive but the 4163 is in my dreams, i will buy a 4163 shortly… bye


The GSA-4163 really works fine, especially compared to the BenQ I had to send back last week. Only trouble with the DW1620…

Things I miss are disc quality scanning and DVD+RW booktype setting, what I do not like so much is that the writing power appears to be switched in rather big steps and not several small ones. And a lack of overspeeding capabilities, though that is not something that important to me.


I assume you mean TYG02 media?

This 8x DVD-R media. AFAIK, LG4163/4160/4120 will not overspeed -R media.

I would think that your LG 4160 will overspeed most 8x DVD+R media to 12x.