What law really changed your life?

Most of us live in happy democratic societies where the law is invented to protect the happy civilians such as yourself.

There are events though that the law is doing the opposite. Instead of protecting you, your freedom is at stake, your common sense is questioned or you get blamed for something you didn’t do. Some laws are more than 100 years old and can be interpreted in favor of the opposite party.

Every law has its own advantages and disadvantages, but what particular law has affected you the most in your life? Did some (new?) laws really forced you to change your life or lifestyle?

Did the Digital Millennium Copyright Act changed your download behaviour? Are you reluctant to visit certain forums or websites? Is your freedom of speech at stake from time to time or do you think it’s downright dishonest to disallow fair use of mp3 files?

while it hasn’t directly affected me, the Patriot Act is a hot topic of debate in the US right now, especially among civil liberties advocates.

Sarbanes Oxley