What languages can you read and write?

After this popular thread - What country are you from?, what languages can you read and write at least half as fluently as your native language?

I can read and write several hundred Chinese characters but I cannot read classic Chinese books well enough so that does not count. (I could be considered illiterate by lawyers and government officials in SK for that.)

French (native) & English

English (native) and Spanish

English, a little Latin, and about a year ago, German.

English, Russian, Spanish, a little Ukrainian.

Russian, English, Swedish = RusSwEnglish ?

Dutch, English, German and a little French.

Dutch, English, French and Latin, hehe. Normally German too, but since I hate that language (no offence) I didn’t take it at school.

Dutch: native
French: 8 years
English: 7 years
German: 3 years + once a german girlfriend :wink:
Latin: 6 years

italian (native), english (10 years… pretty long time, uh? :wink: ) and latin (one year: hated it!! i choosed a high school without this dull language)

dutch (native)
english, but speak it better then writing it :smiley:

The Korean language (with Han Ja - Chinese Characters) as the only native language. Learned the English alphabet and how to pronounce London in 1982. Learned the German alphabet and basic grammar, etc. in 1989, but the teacher was bad and I was not going to stay in school any longer. Tried to learn Latin and Spanish in the middle of 1990s but it lasted only a few months (very hard to learn a European language in South Korea other than English.) Korean is my mother tongue and will remain as such forever but my favorite and primary language has been English for over a decade (I read books only in English). Wanna learn Chinese and Japanese, too. I hardly speak English. I hardly speak Korean either.

Dutch, English and French. Can read German, but not write it.

Scandinavian and English. (Scandinavian meaning Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, andsome Icelandic.)

Then I can read and get an idea of text in German and Dutch.
Some of the words are similar to Norwegian. (Roking is dodeliijk=Røking er dødelig=Smoking kills) :slight_smile:

Dutch, English, French, German, Greek (classic), Latin

marathi - fluent
gujrati-- speak not write –
french-- acceptable awful accent –
can understand a smattering of lang but that does not count

English - Fluent
Bad English - Fluent.

English, Dutch, German, French and Limburgs (language only spoken in the south of the Netherlands, no official language btw…)

German - native (makes it much easier :p)
French - a bit, currently attending lessons. Weird language
Latin - learnt that at school, but it’s an awful language. I remember most of the grammar, but I’m forgetting the words :frowning:
Klingon - I would like that…

Who of you who voted “German” can write it, not only read it? :bigsmile:

Originally posted by Kenshin
I hardly speak English. I hardly speak Korean either.

I can read/write Korean…but understand it? NOPE. The poll could be very misleading? Anyone who knows the various differences in the pronunciation of certain letters could claim to read/write languages they do not understand. :slight_smile:

It is nice to be able to see a Korean sign (in Hangul) and go: “Oh…Cheese Ramen. Mmm. I’m eating here.” But that’s the extent of understanding. City names and food and a few words (of course anything that is english sounding and written in Korean…Coffee is more like cauphy and card is Ka-duh…simple yet, a little different.

But since thousands and thousands of Koreans were busy ripping apart American flags on the streets of Seoul this weekend, I got stuck eating at Burger King on post. So much for liking Korean food when you aren’t allowed to eat in a Korean restaurant because you’re American. What a bummer.