What kinds of things are known to cause high PI errors?

I have an NEC 3540a and I’ve seen and noticed that it’s not the best drive for scanning PIEs - but good Lord - mine are outrageous! I have never burned a disc with less than 100k PIEs. Only once have I burned a disc with <300k!

I’ve tried 4 MIDs: YUDEN000T02, RICOHJPNW11, CMC MAG. AM3, and CMC MAG. AE1.

I’ve tried different FWs by Liggy and Dee with no noticable impact. I’ve varied burn speeds with limited success.

What else should I be considering here? It might be worth mentioning some system specs:

Athlon 1Ghz
640MB PC133 RAM
2 ATA-66 HDs (20GB system drive & 200GB media drive)
Lite-On CD-RW
NEC 3540a DVD-RW

I’m averaging 900k with Sony branded TY T02. Other medias commonly burn with 1-3 million. I’m pretty sure this isn’t normal…

Are you scanning at 5x?

Yeah, and even when I scan at 1x I’m getting results that high…

Thanks for the reply.