What kinds of copy protection IS this?

The disc in question is an audio CD. It plays fine in all of my stand alone CD players. I just want to rip it so I can listen to mp3s when working on my computer. Or at least listen to the CD. But when I put it in my computer, both cd drives (my generic CD-ROM drive and my Lite-On burner) do not even “see” a disc! It doesn’t even appear! And I get the message ‘please insert a disc’ if I try to play it by clicking on the drive. If I fire up my ripper (CDex) it doesn’t see a disc in the drive either. I know this must be some sort of copy protection that I have never run across before. So I said to myself: “Self…this is a question for the fine folks over at CD Freaks!” Can ya help a brutha out? Is there a way around this? :confused:

Perhaps this will help?/gs