What kinda of programs would i need in order to split large ISOs over CDs

i have a problem but i think we all do… jk…i have dell inspiron 1100 with a dvd/cdrw and its a samsung f324 …i dont know if that can help you guys or not…but the problem is… im trying to copy a iso (large file) and brake it down into cds instead of dvds… and what kinda of programs would i need in order to do this…cuz i have alot of burning to do… can anyone help me please!! :sad: :bow:

Depends what it is. If it is installable like software you won’t be able to create installable CDs from it. Just run from the originals.

i used to have a program called “splitty” (this wa sbefore the winrar era) that split files of any size up into 1.44MB pieces (floppy disk size). you put the utility on one of the discs and it put all the pieces back together on the other side. i thought it was pretty nifty on my old packard bell machine with 8MB ram and 33 mHz processor hah.

Reminiscing aside, the answers you get depends in large part on the purpose for why you want to do this:

you could user winrar to create .rar files of any size then as long as you have winrar installed on the source, you can just put them back together at a later time.

are you talking long term storage on cd or are you just moving them somewhere? if you’re just moving the files, I’d look into an external hard drive (can never have too many hard drives ;)) or some high volume temporary online storage. there are programs that can convert your gmail accounts into a storage space (about 2GB). if you’re just moving files you can upload them a few chunks at a time.

if you’re trying to create installation discs you won’t be able to install from the CDs. you’d have to put the files back together then install from a hard drive somewhere.

if you’re trying to create movies and don’t have a dvd burner you may want to look into VCD creation, otherwise your movies won’t play off of a CD.

hope some of that helps. maybe we can be of more assistance if you ahve any other specific questions…

some are programs i downloaded and since my 2nd hard is kinda getting full its a 40.0GB so little by little im putting them on cds… for example say was trying to get windows me or whatever and it was to big of a file. what programs would i use to get the image on the same right and when want to use it… its already there… :confused:

i would put whatever smaller files you can onto CDs to make room, then use winrar to split up larger files.

ultimately, it sounds to me like you need a new hard drive. sure, cds aren’t expensive, but the time you’re going to spend burning all those CDs (not to mention the headaches when you find you’ve used poor quality media or burned too fast and an entire CD is inaccessible – murphy’s law)

tigerdirect.com always has great deals on hard drives and I’ve never had a problem getting a rebate back. 160 gb seagate drive for $45 AR:

and i’m not going to address the Windows ME comment since I’m not sure what yo’re asking, and it seemed like you said you were downloading windows, which we all know is a no-no…

Use Winrar 3.x and split such large files into parts suitable for your media size.
You can put them togehter at any time…

also, you could theoretically fit your entire hard drive on 10 DVDs as opposed to ~50-60 CDs so if you’re opposed to getting a hard drive, have a buddy with a dvd burner get the files onto his computer (file transfer, his external storage device, etc) and burn some DVDs for you…

it just seems like going the cd route will be more work than it’s worth.

@esport: we cannot help you any further in trying to use illegally downloaded software. You should read the forum rules again.

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