What kind of settings to use for burning CD for car CD player?

I have a car with an older CD player, it won’t play some of the CDs that I’ve burned. Are there any settings that’ll me the CDs more compatible? Thanks.

You could always start by burning the disc in a slow speed, 8x or 16x if your drive supports it,
also you will have to get various media to find the ones that work best with your Cd player.
From personal experience i have found that no matter what setting i choose my Philips micro Hi-Fi will only like to play CMC, Verbatim and Ritek media.

A few sample of different media would be worth trying - strangely, my best media for one reluctant player was a batch of old Fornet - and yes, it was dismal quality media that would not take a fast burn, but the player worked well with it, and poorly with anything else.

Also, an ideal burner would be the F1, which could LOWER CD capacity to improve quality.

I seem to recall that maybe Gigarec / HD-Burn on some other drives could be used in negative mode, but these were doing the rounds in the transition between CD and DVD - as they were primarily used to get more capacity on a CD