What kind of Protection is it?

As I try to backup numerous games my daughter is threatening to destroy, and studying the offline help guide, I see that there is no completely reliable way to determine the protection method of a disc has. (ie no single program that can detect all methods) Is there a list somewhere easy to access or should I just ask here if I can’t figure it out? (I know someone here could probably tell for each game, but a list would be easier)

Why not just hide the games from your daughter and punish her for the weekend?

Have you tryed A-ray scanner? Most people here use that. As for a list of games Portmac’s site has a good list. It might no be right up to date but it will list most well known games.


Thanks VirusHack…Thats just what I needed. The CD Freaks offline help file says no program will detect all portections so looking it up will be easier.

Toasters…very funny…but if there isn’t a risk to the original disc then we are all just making illegal copies instead of backups. I’m glad I’m not your kid!

I thought the same thing.

It’s not a matter of whether the original poster is “glad that he is not your kid”. If the kid is young, put them somewhere out of reach. If the kid is older, tell them to NOT TOUCH your disks. Simple as that.

I don’t have any kids and a TON of store bought games and yet, I have no need to backup my games. Why? Because I take care of my disks.

As to the different types of protection methods, Virushack mentioned A-Ray’s scanner and it works great.


If VirusHack’s links turn up nothing, i also suggest you should try makeabackup.com 's database. Also, have you tried just copying the games? Kid’s games aren’t renouned for having tough copy protection schemes on them.

RoC1909…If you had kids, what would they play with…it’s her games I want to back up. You can’t expect a seven year old child to handle a disc as well as you do. Unfortunately, there is always somebody that likes to get off the point of the question and editorialize, but I appreciate the people who do answer the question.


Well, if you would have made yourself MORE CLEAR, maybe I wouldn’t have “answered” the way that I did. NOT ONE PLACE did you mention that these games were for your kid. A lot of people DO leave there disks laying around HENCE, disks get destroyed by the kiddies…not only the kids games. Don’t get upset with me because of your failure to get your point across correctly.

Funny, I do see that my “editorial” had the answer as well but I guess in your eyes, I am just not the type to be “appreciated”.


Easiest way IMO is to attempt a regular copy of the disk using Nero, then download a patch from one of the many “game backup” sites out there. I better not name them here incase I get kicked out, but a quick Google search will yeild the results :wink:

For burning games to DVD, I would personally HIGHLY recommend Datawrite Titanium. So far I’ve had 100% success and it seems to also be the most stable disk for PS2 backups.