What kind of (portable) device do you use for MP3 music?



With all those devices out there that offer MP3 playback (iPods of course, but also: PDAs/GPS/mobile phones/eReaders/Tablets/netbooks/ digicams/ …?) I was wondering which device you are currently using to listen to your favorite music.

I used to use my Apple iPod Shuffle for listening to music whilst on the go, but unfortunately it got lost (so darn small! :doh:). Then I was using my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, but that one died on me last weekend without any obvious reason. So now I’m back to my old Nokia N95 for music, mainly because I always have my phone with me. I also use the radio function occasionally, but the quality of radio isn’t that great.


A Nintendo DS or a Sat Nav.


Got an iPod Classic 160GB in my car…other than that it is an USB stick in my laptop…

I am either at home (watching tv), at work (USB in laptop) or in my car (car stereo)…so no real need for other music devices…

But I am open to suggestions… iPhone, iPad or other sweet stuff…


sonyericsson-[B]c902[/B] with 2gb M2 card
more than enought for my needs.


[QUOTE=Da_Taxman;2534823]Got an iPod Classic 160GB in my car.[/QUOTE]

Wasn’t that a iPad connection in your car? :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=BussyB;2534883]Wasn’t that a iPad connection in your car? :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Yeah, that too… :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly, I think it would work too… My car can also play DVDs…just not while driving (unless it is hacked)…
Same brand of car as MP|3…just not as cool :wink:


iPOD Nano (8GB)
Easy to use and sounds good, I also hook it up in the car and mostly use the iPOD rather than being bothered changing a CD.


Phone (HTC Hero) or a 16gb Verbatim USB stick in the car.


Either my PSP 1000, or my Sony NWZ-S544 (BTW this thread is useless without pics!)
Ignore my phone, I don’t have headphones for it yet!


The only portable device I use for music is my mobile phone (Nokia N95).

My wife has several versions of the iPod though.



My mobile phone: Samsung Wave with 16GB memory, normal 3.5mm headphone jack, and excellent battery life.



iPod video 30GB with 32GB CF HDD replacement;
Sansa Fuze 8GB with 16GB microSDHC and Rockbox.


Another iPod Nano 8GB here. I did have to change from the supplied Apple headphones to my Sony ones, though. :slight_smile:

Had a portable CD player before I got it - a Philips, and although the sound is great on it and it’s really funky, I got fed up with only burning so many tracks (as regular CDA, the player doesn’t support MP3 etc) to CDRWs all the time.

The iPod has been a Godsend with my noisy neighbour, haha. :slight_smile:

For other music needs, I use a Corsair 4GB flash drive, since I have devices in the living room and kitchen that support USB.


I have Creative Labs Zen V 4Gb. It’s about 2yrs old but very reliable.


Nothing!!! Unless you count my Car CD Player which plays MP3s. Oh an occasionally I use my LG Lotus but that is only every once in a great while.


i use my nokia x6 32 gb , or at home i stream music to the ps3 or the qnap


For the very occasional time I listen to MP3s when travelling (e.g. holiday), I use my Nokia 5800. Even still, once I pick up a Wi-Fi hotspot, I usually end up listening to internet radio on the phone, mainly Heat radio, Club 977 80s or Dublin 98FM.

>99% of the music I listen to is on the radio, mainly the DAB station Heat Radio which I pick up with the fringe reception from Northern Ireland. :slight_smile:


An old 30 GB iPod, occasionally my 16 GB iPhone (that now functions as an iPod Touch), but most recently my Droid 2.