What kind of paper do you use to print your DVD covers?

I use regular paper right now, but I was wondering if someone might recommend a special type that would look more like the original ones.

High Gloss White 85gsm

It depends on the printer you have: Bubble Jet or Laser. When buying high quality (glossy or photopaper) pay attention to the type of printer it is meant for. Bubble Jets don’t like much papers that absorb too much or do not absorb at all.

I use a good quality plain paper and print it on a Epson R300. I usually use Inkjet printable media as the R300 can print directly to the disc.

I use Nero’s labelling software supplied with Nero and use the DVD template to print the cover, and the special Epson CD Printer software for the disc.

I have a canon i850 photo printer

120g matt photo paper normal ink settings

When I used inkjet, I found semi-gloss film was the best, for vibrant colour on a very thin medium. I now use laser on ordinary 80gsm paper, as I got fed up with the high cost of inkjet printing.

I also use a nice quality paper for my covers. Actually, I don’t create covers anymore since I gave my InkJet to my mother but as mentioned by others, make sure you get the correct paper for your device since some paper won’t produce the best results with certain types of printers (InkJet, DesignJet, Bubble, DeskJet…)

The manual for your printer should tell you the recommended types. You may have also received a few sheets of paper with your printer so see how the quality is with that as well as standard paper.


In my case even the cheapest/lightest papaer looks suprisingly good. I just want that professional look :slight_smile: