What kind of music do you prefer?

I like a wide variety of music, but my favorite is classical.

I cant believe that none of the rock fans mentioned Rammstein. They are my favorite band and they should be considered one of the best current and perhaps all-time hard rock bands. No other band matches the intense power of the music and the kick ass feeling of their concerts. Ahhh, flames are good…:slight_smile:

perhaps you should listen to laibach, then you know where Rammstein got their inspiration
(Laibach - Opus Dei)

So, what is your point Crowley? I havent listened to Laibach yet, but many artists have been inspired by other bands. That does not detract from their greatness. You make it seem like Rammstein bootlegs their songs from Liabach.

I like a lot of different types of music and have found to the conclusion that country music is awful, I listen to rap, metal, rock, I hate southern rock(lynryd skynryd, molly hatchet, etc. because this one radio station plays the hell out of like a dozen groups or so, not the same song over and over again and again, but the same groups. I still like pink floyd and led zeppelin and some of the newer bands that are out. I will listen to about anything once and if it sucks on the first time I hear I dont worry about listening to that group again

I absolutely hate teenie-bop music and boys-band(u know Nsync)

Various: rap, house, punk, rock etc etc

fav bands = blink 182, eminem and offspring.

each of those bands has lyrics that are as clever as the tune.

cough country sucks. so does garth brooks.

I listen to good music and I watch Destiny’s Child :stuck_out_tongue:

AC/DC all the way!

Well being a 37 yr old I am amazed that I still always go back to metal. Right now Stoner rock is the form I’m into. Bands like Demon cleaner, Dozer, Astroqueen, Kyuss Alabama thunder pussy ect… I also like a variety though. Favorites being Mc 900 ft jesus, Dwight Yoakam, Concrete Blonde, Jesus and Mary chain ect… I own about 600+ cd’s that I bought. I never listen to radio though it sucks balls. The internet is where I find out about cool music nowdays. If I like a song I download I buy the cd. It’s usually from a small time band and a small record company so they need the cash. By the way screw metallica. I always have to mention that :Z

Check out this link: http://user.tninet.se/~vfq645g/index.html the drummer are my oldest son, so I just have to love them


I hear Black Fucking Metal

Gorefest (best dutch band ever)
Metallica (old stuff)

absolutely NOT anything house related or classic music

i love rap music, mostly old-school like run-dmc (THIS is classical music :bigsmile: ) and beastie boys; i like also new-metal (guess it’s called so…), like koRn, deftones, system of a down and limp bizkit; then there are “noises”, which i like a lot anyway, like slipknot and sepultura. i’m starting liking a lot also new-school rap, especially with method man, redman (i love this guy… no, wait, that was christina… :stuck_out_tongue: ), busta rhymes, mystical, Xzibit and cypress hill. for some strange reason i can’t stand drDre… oh well, i’ll buy the Up In Smoke Tour DVD anyway :bigsmile:

Bad Religion, Ignite, Hives, Southside Johnny, Midnight Oil, Godsmack, whole bunch of oldies too

Cool Metal Headz on Stage

May Favs



Iron Maiden
early Genesis
Deep Purple
Fates Warning
King Crimson
Mike Oldfield
Y.J Malmsteen
early Scorpions
Black Sabbath

I’m a music slut and have a very shallow taste in music.

I listen to anything that sounds good.

Generally I can’t stand country music though.

<Elwood blues> “miss, What kind of music do you usually have playing here”
<miss> “We have both kinds, country AND western”

Originally posted by BadReligionPR
Bad Religion, Ignite, Hives, Southside Johnny, Midnight Oil, Godsmack, whole bunch of oldies too

Hey, cool to see another Bad Religion fan! :smiley:
Have you found this very good page, BTW? www.thebrpage.tierranet.com

I grew up listening to heavy metal, but my taste has broadened as I have grew up, so now I listen to pretty much everything, exept rap, R&B, tecno and such, it gives me the :Z

Some favourites:

Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne
Neil Young
No fun at all
Bad Religion
Tom Waits
Foo Fighters
Old Whitesnake
Bruce Springsteen

does assorted count?

last 4 cds :

red hot chili peppers - bloodsugarsexmagik (bloodsexsugarmagik?)

beatles - sgt pepper

the who - very best of

tori amos - little earthquakes

there would have been another cd in there, but this canadian band hasnt been imported yet, proly never will be. live on release ring a bell for anyone?

on a side note, going to see local h / lucky boys confusion / better than ezra tonight. neener to everyone else :smiley:

Originally posted by Huzzy
fav bands = blink 182

worst concert performance i’ve ever seen. of course, they followed greenday…who dreamed that up?