What kind of music do you prefer?

I was wondering as we have here people from so many countries what kind of music do you all listen to and what is your favorite, it’s for me hard to pick one song, but there is a genre that has been keeping me busy for all of my life and that’s house in all it’s forms (From Trance to Goa from Techno to Club).

My dislikes are mainly rock music (altough I not everything is bad of course) and golden oldies, like Grease and Paradise by the dashboard light (But that’s rock)

Polka is the only way to go man…

Polka RULEZZZZZZZ :wink:

A bit varied, some groups I like:

Milk inc
And a lot more…

But I really hate rap and heavy metal.

House (Trance, Hardhouse)
Rock (Korn/Limp bizkit/Machinehead/Deftones/Tool/Rammstein/etc)


Hmm hardhouse, hardcore, trance (occasionally). I hate metal and r&b although some songs are nice (once in a while). I like music with a good beat. Currently playing “Promo - Last Men Standing” :smiley:

Oh yeah, sorry Mr. Belvedere, but I really hate Dutch rap :stuck_out_tongue:

Osdorp Posse

and dutch top 40 music

i like gothic metal…

-my dying bride
-paradise lost
-in the woods…etc

and some other stuff…

I listen to blues. It’s got soul.

trance dance techno …

currently listening to:

Blank & Jones @ Einslive Rosenmontagsrave (radioripp from a really cool radiostation here (www.einslive.de)


I listen to whatever is good in its genre, time, … like - in a random order :

  • Pearl Jam
  • David Bowie
  • Prince
  • Johnny Dowd
  • PJ Harvey
  • Van Morrison
  • Muddy Waters
  • Mighty Flyers
  • Eels
  • MC 900 FT Jesus
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Ice T.
  • George Clinton
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Billie Holiday
  • Tricky
  • Tom Waits
    etc. (and sorry to all those of my everlasting heroes I’m forgetting here)

This one I definitely still had to add (and not because I want to please the ‘Hollanders’) : Rudeboy. Whatever he touches turns into magic.

Techno, Trance and Dance. One or two Euro-pops from E-Type are nice to listen to aswell.
Other good artists are Alcazaar, Infinite-Mass, Lambretta and Weeping Willows.
And all of them are swedish… all your music are belong to us! :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention Scooter! ze Germans make good music!

Being a (classical) musician I listen of course to the music where all music started Classical music
For example Shostakovich (this guy Rocks)
as for the popular music it is more the alternative kind like Dead moon, Hazel, Eric’s trip, mercury rev, No means no etc etc etc

But mainly it is all music that got emotion in it (no Carey or britney for me)

Hah, after reading everybodys favorite genre and band. I am lost. I guess over here in the states we havent been introduced to it. I’m familiar with techno. This Trance and House thing i have never heard of. My all time favorites are Smashing Pumkins, Bush, Sublime, Greenday, The Offspring, and Guns N Roses. I do like good punk covers. I can tell what bands are my favorite, the ones where the mp3’s have not been deleted off my computer, and never will.

By the way, you guys no of any US bands over in Europe that are big over there. And isnt Bush from over there somewhere?

ant4bud…you really are an all american boy (or girl)…looking at the music you like

we know these bands also you name also in Europe…

THe DJ’s who make Trance and House in Europe must be known in America also, because they visit the US a lot.:

Hip-Hop -4- Life!!!

There is only one music!

puddu varano
and of course staind, so i listen to a lot of different music…

lisa left eye lopez
meredith brooks
mary j blige
destiny’s child
allanis morisette
jon bon jovi
britney spears
jenifer lopez
christina aguilera
janet jackson

I listen to bands like:

Boys Sets Fire
System of a down
Faith no more
Mr Bungle
Simon and Garfunkel

and many more

Metal for me…I see we’ve got some metal haters, but everyone has their own opinion. I dislike some forms of music…especially rap and teen-pop. Basically I hate anything where the “artists” or “musicians” don’t actually play any real instruments. To me, it has to have instruments to even be called music, or else it’s just sound effects.
This is why I have respect for classical music, as there are many instruments being played in sync all at once in (often) long, complex songs.
But heavy metal is and always will be #1 to me. Some of the lesser known bands that I like for anyone interested: In Flames, Shadows Fall, Children of Bodom, The Crown, Soilwork, Witchery, Hypocrisy, etc.
I’m from the US if that matters…

I think I’m one of the lucky people…being an old X hippie from the 60’s I like all music from Polka to Punk & everything in between . But when it comes to testing a Stereo System worth I use Edgar Winters Frankenstien…if you can’t loosen nails & crack windows with Frankenstien it’s time to get a New Stereo ! :cool: