What kind of media is your company/school using?

Now my school (yes, I still go to school) has been using lots of cheap SilverCircle CD media made by Prodisc and MBI. I wouldn’t mind if they lost their data :Z
(At home, I’m using mostly Verbatim and sometimes TY (hard to get), Sony, Maxell or TDK media…)

You mean hard to get TY media in germany?

I’ve seen my school use Fujifilm PRODISCF01 and some no name CD-Rs. :rolleyes:

Yes, especially CD media is now really difficult to get because Verbatim Pastels are rare. TY DVD media isn’t that rare though, TDK has been selling YUDEN000 T03 for quite some time now. Other brands like Fuji, Panasonic or Verbatim only had TY for some time.

Who made the no-name CD-Rs? :smiley:

At least for me it seems not a big problem with cd media also. They’re still a few onlineshops where you can buy the unbranded ones. Otherwise if you mean to get them in local stores then yes.

well if he goes to school theres a small chance he cant shop on line :wink:

lol! My college uses Sony, and I think one of my teachers uses Traxdata (almost certainly Ritek) cd-r’s. He’s stored them in wallets and is wondering why the disc surface is so scratched :rolleyes:

Why he couldn’t shop online?

Possibly no credit card.