What kind of media is this (Imation)

Can anyone tell me the media code for these and if they are any good for long-term archival? I don’t want to open the package, because I am thinking of returning them and I suspect that because they’re 16x branded they wouldn’t work in my Samsung SH-W08A burner anyway.
BTW, I bought these at Staples, they were on sale for $6.86+tax for a 25-pack.


Some people really like MBI, some have had more mediocre results. I think there have been a couple of cases of deterioration with MBI, but for the most part I think it’s good media. As for how they’ll work in your burner, I don’t know. I’m not familiar with your burner model, but older burners do often have issues burning 16x media well, and older Samsung burners were not that great to begin with (assuming this is an older Samsung). Updating to the latest firmware would be a good idea in any event.

According to Videohelp, these discs could be CMC MAG.M01, MBIPG101R05, OPTODISCR16 or PHILIPS.C16.

You can see “Made in India” on the packaging, so I think it’s safe to assume that they are indeed MBIPG101R05.

oops :o

If u prefer staples for a reason buy verbatim. … or in many places around here u can get a japanese Taiyo Yuden.

I don’t prefer Staples, I prefer blankmedia.ca, but for $7 they cost me - that wouldn’t even cover the shipping costs from blankmedia.
Yeah, I wanted to buy Verbatim instead of these, but they cost twice as much :frowning:

Yeah that’s about all you can do. It’s an 8X burner so the firmware might not work even if it’s the newest sorry.

I only see one firmware 1S31 for that drive and it’s dated July13,2005.

I’d say keep them and give them a try, we’re only talking about a cheap 25 pack here. And if it doesn’t work well in your burner (run a transfer rate test after burning with CD-DVD Speed), then this would be a good excuse to upgrade your burner anyway. A decent 16x burner should handle these fine, and with mostly 16x media on the market it might be a good idea to spend ~$30 and go with a new burner.

I see. Its just u either get archival grade media or cheap price. Both usually dont come together :frowning:

Yes, there are no new FW updates available for this drive unfortunately.

Of course I prefer spending a little extra for archival quality, but at the moment it felt like a good buy. Now I want to return them. I really doubt they will work in my burner.
Do you think the DVD-R 8X TAIYO YUDEN VALUE LINE SILVER LACQUER (100 PCS) are a good media for archival purpose? They are cheap at $25 for a 100-pack, but I have no experience with DVD-R media, I always buy + media.

I got these http://www.blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=303 form them twice (they were 50 packs). Same 8x but + is also pretty good I heard.

Those u mentioned are Value - a mix of 8x and 16x judging by the media code. I m not sure if they are worse if any way than regular.

TY Value Line is generally good, though you could get TYG02 or TYG03. Both are fine, but your burner may not handle TYG03 well.

Yes, I have used TYG02 before in my burner without any problems. I think I will stick with them if I don’t upgrade my burner anytime soon.

I usually get much higher PIFs with value line than I do with the Premium stuff so I won’t buy them anymore. That being said I have a couple of hundred value line discs that still work fine after a couple of years of use/storage.

Buy a new burner, even if you return these disks.

:slight_smile: Now recommend me a burner. Which one is the best? :smiley:

Try a new LG, Samsung or Pioneer - these seem to be very good burners.

LG or Samsung would be my recommendations. :slight_smile: