What kind of files are these?

I recently extracted some files from a newsgroup & it gave me these three type of files:


I ran the .exe file, but nothing happened. I’ve extracted files from newsgroups before, but it usually gives me some sort of burnable file (.iso, .cue/bin, .mda, etc.). I’ve never gotten these types though. What do I do with these files now?

the .bat is called a batch file. usually it is a file that contains commands for ms dos (the command prompt for windows) or something similar. Sometimes people can also create an image of a video game console disc (such as PS2), which can be saved as a .bat. Not sure if you can do the same for audio cds, or any other type of physical media though.

the .uha seems to be an archive file, ie: .zip,.rar. Basically a file that holds files in it.

this might help a little: http://www.cryer.co.uk/filetypes/u/uha.htm

and the .exe file is like a programs, executable - it will basically run the commands off the bat and start up the program,