What kind of errors are SKIPPED by the FAST ERROR SKIP and what not?



I have always wanted to know why when i put FAST ERROR SKIp, at the end of the disk appears some EXTRA ERRORS (nothing related with any protection) and if i do not mark this option, this errors (in the most cases) dont appear. And the question is: What kind of errors are skipped?


Your FES settings could be incorrect. Toshiba & Liteon can work with Hardware & 0; most other are Software & 3.


i MUST AGREE with the post as 2 cd ( nero 5.5 install cd with my cd burner and bob the bluilder had errors at the end) I did a perfect copy of had errors in the last 5% or less of the cd so whats the story.Clony as well seen the errors before I copyed the cd’s.Please understand I hardly possed but visit the site often plus It’s been a long time since I have done a bad burn so I agree with the post that there is some disk that have errors at the end (p.s the copy’s worked on other cdrom’s)