What kind of encryption DTS used for their Cinema audio CD's after the APTX dll release




I’m new here and I’m looking to find out if anyone knows exactly what kind of encryption DTS used for their Cinema audio CD’s after the APTX dll release?

If anyone can at least send me in a direction, I’d be grateful for even that. I’ve done so much searching on-line but due to obvious proprietary reasons, I’m sure, it’s damn near impossible to find anything definitive.

Thanks in advance.



None of the experts here knows!?


[QUOTE=RexHunt;2645621]None of the experts here knows!?[/QUOTE]

Have a look at the other thread here as I think this was already answered.



[QUOTE=RexHunt;2645621]None of the experts here knows!?[/QUOTE]

Since there is almost NO info on the .aue file format other than some random Bluetooth ramblings the answers will probably stay hidden for now.

I couldn’t really distinguish whether it was embedding or encryption that was used since code and I.P. are not things I’m fluent in.

A lot has changed since “digital cinema” started taking over as the dominant force in movie theaters too…server based automation, scheduling, A/V presentation…it’s a far different animal now.

Info I’m looking for is on stuff already 7 years old, if not a bit older. Those who may know are either unable to discuss it openly or unwilling to discuss it privately…either way, patience is the better part of valor at this point methinks.