What kind of drive is this?

Howdy! THanks for at least takin a peak at this. Let me start by saying that this has me COMPLEATLY confused! I have a Gateway Laptop 7422gx. I have replaced the DVD RW with one from a used HP latop (model unknown). So far I have burned around 40 DVD+R’s without much of a problem (FUJIFILM DVD+R Media), however I tried a DYNEX DL DVD+R both Nero and CloneDVD2 gave me an error stating it could not burn this media.

So I decided to try and reseach my drive, and all I can find out about it is that it is a GWA-4080N and that it has been found in both the Gateway 7422GX and the HP laptop computers. Some people are reporting this drive as being Sony, some as LG…Some people say it did DL right off the bat, some claimed they had to flash the firmware with a program they got from “Dangeriose Brothers”?

So I am really in a pickle here! I don’t know what kind of drive it really is, what it can do, or what I need to do to get it to burn DL disks at all!

So if anyone knows anything about ANY OF THIS, I would greatly apreciate the sharing of knowladge! :bow:

It’s an LG OEM drive, as mentioned in your other thread.

@ihaveaquestion: One thread is enough so please don’t cross-post - just revisit your other one as Arachne suggests.

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