What kind of Drive is actually inside a recent production WD Passport drive?



Seeing that I just bought a new HDD (WD Caviar Blue 320gb) drive from NewEgg for my aging Gateway Laptop (an M350WVN) and it cost $89(shipped)

and Seeing that 320Gb passport drives are $79 at WalMart

and remembering that I tore apart a passport drive a couple of years ago to ressurect a friends IBM T-20 as at the time they were IDE/ata-6 laptop drives I was wondering… are they still?

Are WD passport USB drives still ATA-6/IDE drives or are they now SATA.

Has anyone opened one up to see?

Having learned my lesson about backing up my laptop (complete setup with OS on anoher drive) to save me the hour on the phone (I’ve heard far worse stories) with Microsoft to reactivate my XP OS…

getting another backup drive for $10 less seems attractive…

I could still use the drive in my Desktop if it’s SATA, but there are far cheaper alternatives for a SATA drive ($64 for a 750gb WD-Black at NewEgg this week:)

Does anyone know?

If not what about the seagate FreeAgent USB portables?

What’s inside them?

Not to mention that if WalMart is selling them for $79 they MUST be cheaper (likely a lot cheaper) elsewhere…



Going by this page of someone who dismantled a 500GB My Passport drive, it has a 500GB Scorpio Blue SATA inside and this user was able to use it internally in its laptop.

As far as I’m aware of, most recent Western Digital Passports have an SATA Scorpio Blue inside.

I’m not sure about other manufacturers, but I would imagine that brands that are also HDD manufacturers will use their own drives inside. Note that for laptops, this is not usually the case. For example, my Samsung netbook has an Hitachi HDD, my mother’s Toshiba laptop has a Fujitsu HDD and my Dad’s Fujitisu laptop has a WD HDD, yet these three brands are all HDD manufacturers.


I was hoping they were not SATA… but I expected them to be SATA.

While I can use either SATA or IDE in my Desktop I can find better deals on SATA drives, either 3.5" or 2.5" than getting a USB drive and tearing it open.



You should have in mind that you’ll void your warranty…