What kind of cell phone do you currently have?

I am expecting my new GSM phone tomorrow (I will finally get rid of my old friend the Nokia 3210) and was wondering what kind of phone the rest of us owns at this moment (phones are like computers :wink: ) ?

I currently own a Nokia 6210 Cyber Silver Edition.

Have another very old cell which is sitting in my cupboard, a Motorola International 8700.

Nokia 6150, 3210 and 3315
Motorola StarTacX and AccompliA1688
Ericsson GH388 and T28

I used to buy almost every new mobile I could afford and still keep them but I lost interest now. What phone are you expecting Dom?

Samsung T100

Good ol Nokia 3310 I like this model because I accidentially dropped it from a balcony 4m down on the sidewalk and even fell off the boat into the lake and had it in the pocket and it still lives :slight_smile:

Siemens M35i , it was free and after a datacable and some firmware -> it’s on prepaid … best price/quality performance i have ever seen :slight_smile:

Cell phones I currently have:

-Motorola V60i (with glossy black faceplate)
-Ericsson KF-788
-Nokia 5120 (lots of faceplates)

And the one I’m currently using is a Nokia GSM 3395 w/conversion to 8390 (glossy black faceplate).

Here is the pic:



I got the same cell phone with dansmug.

None. Call me and leave a message on my home or office answering machine if you got something to say. I don’t need people knowing where the hell I am 24/7, and certainly not while I’m driving, which a lot of people tend to do.

Nokia 6310i

Ericsson T65

Samsung R210s, really satisfied with that one (makes a great flashlight as well;))

I don’t have any. It would allow people to annoy me with silly “how are you” - calls each time I forget to switch it off.

I got some old type ericson (one line display, 36 hours standby)
and it is good enough for me (when i’m able to find the thing)

Motorola, accept no substitutes.
Startack is still one of the best phones around.

None because most people that have cell phones are obnoxious and forget to turn them off at meetings, movies, libraries, while they’re driving, class etc. etc. and I’d rather not be compared with those idiots…I mean people…

I’m fairly certian that most of the cdfreakers here know enough to turn off their cell phones during these instances and are thus exempt from being called an idiot.

Nokia 6190, love the black (mostly) look.

Dropped it twice and still working.

Nokia 3330 - much better alternative to the 3310 and 3315 - also comes with a Li battery as opposed to Ni-Cd.

I’m yet to go thru the theory and usabilty of GSM vs GPRS vs CDMA phones. Inputs welcome :slight_smile:

Have the Nokia 7110 (still).

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Nokia 6310i

This is the one I plan on buying soon…one of the very few that fit in my car kit…which was more expensive than a regular cell phone…

For nokia phones here CDFreaks logo’s can be downloaded:


Hmm, maybe I should edit them a bit to “CD Freaks - The burning experience”