What kind of blank dvds to use with a Pioneer DVR-106D

could someone please tell me which blank dvds to use with this burner?I can burn with cd-r speed 4x but ive just bought some dvd-r 1-8x and they keep failing on nero,powerproducer and i cant copy to copy!!! are the discs compatable or do i need to buy some others???I have an engineer coming out thurs to change the dvd r drive (on my insurance) but im now wondering if it is just the discs (works ok with cds!!!) appreciate some advice…thanks.

Hard to say if the disks are incompatible without knowing the brand and your system setup. If they don’t work, something’s wrong, right? I used a Pioneer 106D until my recent move to the Plextor 716A, and I can say that the 106D would burn pretty much anything I’d throw at it. I know some 8x media claim that there can be problems when used with 4x and lower burners, but I never had a problem. In general, if you’re ordering your disks online, get Taiyo Yudens or Riteks. If you’re only buying off-the-shelf, buy only major name brand disks such as Maxell, Verbatim, TDK, or Fuji. Some are better than others, but I would at least avoid “no-name” brands, anything by Princo, and any store-brand (i.e., Office Depot, CompUSA, etc.). You invested a fair amount in the burner itself, so don’t skimp on the media you use with it. In fact, I’m convinced that people who buy a burner based on the fact that it will let them burn the crappiest media available are going to be in for a shock when that media doesn’t work in a year or two …

well ive been using Memorex dvd-r 4x which 2 out of 4 burns ok…now ive bought these real cheap discs called budget 1-8x dvd-r and when i put it into the drive to burn it says that the disc or the drive isnt ready!!! but if i put my trusty old cd-r’s in its fine and now i cant seem to burn the memorex ones which i could a couple of days ago!!! so whats happened to make me only be able to burn cd’s and not dvd’s now??? :sad:

There are just too many possibilities to try to diagnose it without looking at the machine. Could be that your DMA settings aren’t right; could be that the drive is bad; could just be the media you’re using. You said someone’s coming out on Thurs. to change the drive? As long as you’re covered, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it’s the drive, you’ll know after Thursday. If it isn’t the drive, it’s something in your setup or it’s the media you’re using.