What keyboards can you recommend?

multimediakeys are not so important for me, the keyboards just shouldn’t be so load if you work on it.

Quiet key KBs just don’t have the same snappiness of regular KBs. But if you must, check out Dell’s Quiet Key KB.

I am really fond of Logitech keyboards. They have a very good look, feel and the quality is outstandig as well. I still own and daily use my 5 year old Logitech iTouch keyboard and I would not want to change it for any other… it’s just great from every point of view. I also like the Logitech UltraX keyboards, as those are flat like laptop keyboard. I think they are very fine, but many disagree…

Microsoft keyboards are often to be said quite good as well. I don’t like them though. The same goes for Cherry: they are indestructable, but they aren’t that comfortable as Logitech (Cherry kbs are really stiff).

Recommend staying away from wireless keyboards. PS2 is still the most reliable.

I’ve had the Logitech Elite Keyboard for a year now and I love it. Very comfy and stylish to boot :smiley:

Don’t know where you get that one from and what cordless KB/Mouse you’ve used that led you to that opinion, but I got no problem with my 2 Logitech cordless combos. Navigator Duo and MX Duo. Been using them for 12 and 18 months and counting. I got more corded KBs (3) fail on me than cordless ones (2). I find my MS Internet KB (corded and very loud!) to be very comfortable as well. But I’m not the picky type.

Whatever you can get for cheapest. I got my keyboard for $2 at a grand opening at CompUSA in the city (Manhattan over here). If you have no need for multimedia functions, btw I completely agree its a waste, then get what you can for less, as long as personal criteria is met, like soft ket stroke vs hard key stroke and ergnomic design maybe.

But chicks dig a stylish keyboard!!! :wink:

I’m with you on that. I even have my USB Logitech Internet Navigator plugged in to PS/2 :wink: BTW, same functionality as more expensive Logitech kbds. It’s pretty quiet, actually.

If you consider to purchase online, I’d recommend to go to a store and try different kbds.

I’d hate to post a picture of mine but it works fine and I really haven’t found another that feels better to me than my old HP kbd. I might break down and get a new one sometime but it will be either because this one died or for asthetics. :slight_smile:

The most Logitech Internet Navigator and the Elite Keyboard has too much functions, which I don’t really need.

But the Logitech UltraX looks interesting. I will see, if I can test it in a PC-Shop.

What do you think of the BenQ X-Touch 120 Pro? Does anyone already have experience with this board.

Keytronic KT1000 or KT2001.

Best damn keyboard in the world is still the IBM AT keyboard back from '83. This little fella is indestructible.

But i just luuuv Logitech’s wireless keyboards. Got myself an iTouch and recommended the Cordless Desktop MX to my brother. Although i hate the fancy multimedia keys , it’s a pretty nice keyboard.

I use the Play/Pause/Fastforward/Rewind a decent ammount.

But the one multimedia key I couldn’t live without is the volume control. It’s great, works like a charm. Just leave the volume on my main speakers at about 90% and use the keyboard for setting sound in all apps/games.

The quickstart keys are nice for commonly used games/apps for me as well. You don’t know you need them until you get used to them though :wink:

I have bad experience from Keytronic. They can’t take a beating. I know, schools around here have used Keytronic KT2001 since… Well I cant remember that far back. But anyway, poor spacebars :frowning:

I am using an old Compaq keyboard (mmmm klappeti-klapp) but I am keen on a Logitech UltraX…

The only 2 kinds of keyboards I usually buy are Logitech and Microsoft. I’ve found them both to be good quality, inside and out. For years I’ve bought them for me, family and friends. Probably dozens of them, and never have a problem (unless they spill some nasty crap inside).
Even then, I can take them apart, clean them and they usually work great again.

I must admit I’m more fond of the logitechs. I like the look and feel of the logitechs better. :slight_smile: Either one is a good keyboard though.

You could get an ultra cheap one, but like Airhead said, some can’t take a beating, and the contacts under the keys may not be as durable. But then again, you could buy another ultra cheapo if the first one fails in a year, and still it wouldn’t cost you as much as 1 Logitech.

Personally, I’d rather have a nice keyboard though, if you don’t need the extra keys just don’t use em, they won’t bite. :wink:

Agreed. I was gonna post this very picture, as I own this keyboard. Defintly Logitech for me

I don’t like most modern keyboards.
The F-keys are too small and so are the shift keys. Also most of the extra “multimedia” buttons are useless.

By the way i’ve seen somewhere a rubber-unbreakable keyboard which you can bend as much as you like , but i haven’t tried it to see if it’s any good :slight_smile:

Same here, I own a Internet Navigator from Logitech and no problems so far (1 year). I actually tried out those rubber keyboards at a local store and found that while those things make as much noise as a someone shouting in outer space, the keys are way too small. Unless you have extremely small fingers you wont be able to use them as well as a normal keyboard. Also, the keys dont press down as much and my fingers kept slipping from one key to the next causing typos.

On current Logitec boards, all the multimedia keys are programmable, as are all the F-keys, they can open a program, open a directory, or open an internet link. That’s 21 programmable keys on the Elite and Navigator boards. It’s very handy, not useless at all.

Have both the wireless and PS2 Logitec Elite keyboards here. The wireless is nothing but trouble due to RF interferance, the PS2 is very reliable.