What is your video capture method?

Please tell us about your video capture method, why you use that method, and if you have tried others, and your success/failure with various methods.

I capture my DV video directly from my Panasonic PVGS70 MiniDV camcorder. I chose mini-dv because I can tape my video in the most lossless format for editing ability. MiniDV is inexpensive, small, and easy to store.

I capture directly to my motherboards firewire port. I have used various capture softwares, and have found little difference in them. I have captured with virtualvcr, huffyuv, Vegas 5, Adobe Premiere 6.5, Ulead Studio 11 Plus, and Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate. I always capture my video as DV-AVI, as I like to modify the lighting, add intro and trailer, put some comments directly into the video, and I get great results that way.

For capturing VHS video or other sources, I go through my ADS Pyro AV/Link.

That is my story… What is yours.

Dang Harley…if I keep telling my secrets around here there will be no mystery left! :slight_smile:

I capture mostly from cable tv. I have, in the past, captured with an old BT878 chipset card from Leadtek that would capture in avi or mpeg. I’ve used huffyuv, VirtualVCR, the proprietary Leadtek software and MainConcept with this card. The Mainconcept encoder allowed good quality mpeg2 captures with no dropped frames back when I was using an AMD XP Barton core system. The Leadtek software was by far the poorest at capturing without dropping frames.

My current capture card is an ATI 650. It has excellent picture quality as a tv card, but only captures in mp4 or mpeg2. The software included with the card is based on Cyberlink’s programs…I believe it has evolved into Power Cinema now. In any case this software sucks bilge water. The best solution for the card turned out to be Windows Media Center, though it requires a bit of knowledge of the registry to fine tune capture profiles with it. The resulting captures are in dvr-ms format, which is easily converted to mpeg2 without loss. I use VideoReDo Plus to edit the files, and DVDLab Pro to make menus and combine videos onto one disk.

I have on a few occasions captured from VHS with this ATI card. Interestingly, it seems to ignore Macrovision…that or my old Panasonic VHS player is responsible.

I use Pinnacle Studio to capture my Sony miniDV camcorder via firewire.

I’m still trying to find out how to “capture” the recorded videos from Verizon FIOS’ Motorolla HD DVR QIP6416-2 cable box.

My son has a program called Sony Vegas 8. He says its the best and he has tried all of the best ones. His videos from his Canon look pretty good also.

Well, if Vegas 5 is as good or better then other current programs, I can only imagine that Vegas 8 rocks…

Hi Harley2ride

I’m talkinh about a video machine (VHS) not a camcorder or more modern stuff.


Hauppauge USB2 PVR or Phillips 3575 HDD DVD recorder. Why? [I]It’s what I’ve got…[/I]

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