What is your opinion with Value TYG01

Well as most in the states know, there are fantastic deals on the 4x Value TYg01 R- at stores such as supermedia (has them in plastic wrap) and meritline(in cakebox)
some folks were concerned these were fakes, as was I when I got mine from supermeida and the pack simply said value.

maybe a call to the company would get some answers, but my theory is that these disks may come off the same line that supplies Fuji and the other brands.

Are there any old schoolers here who remember Taiyo making tyg01? my first Ty;s were the silver thermal tyg02 R-. I do wish they would make these in silver matte, this silver shiny surface attracts dust like no tommorow, and fingerprints are happy to make their home. the only thing that does not attract me to these, is that you can quite often get fujis for 35-40$/100 pack now.

one more comment, the top layer of these disks feels very thick.

has anyone gotten from meritline and supermediastore? Im just a little confused how one got the cakebox and the other did not. oh yeahand meritline is quite retarded, they only let you get the coupon on one, therefore if you want multiples, you have to make seperate orders, supermedia also only allows one coupon PER ITEM! so they are the ones to lose since these are free shipping.

I wish i didnt miss the 29.99 sales :a

from posts I read in this site, some folks were geting TYg02 disks from supermedia insteasd of the 01! also meritline has dropped back to 29.99. Now I have heard they are evil and bad, but i will try one of their 29.99 packs
the one thing that strikes me with them, is that their picture shows the disks in a cake box, where supermeida is in plastic wrap. meritline does not mention at all other than the picture how they are shipped

also does your benq only do these at 4? its weird, my nec does it up to 12

my benq does them at 12x havent tried 16x yet.

This was covered in great length 3 weeks ago when i brought these to everyones attention. All I know is here: