What is your opinion on Lite-On and OC-Freak?

An admin that bans everybody he not likes is not a good admin.

Here is some things that we don’t like:

Warez/cracks/serials: do it a couple of times and you’ll get banned.
Posting the same Q in different forums.
Spamming: advertising or other spamming: We don’t like it around here so just don’t do it :stuck_out_tongue:
And some other things like attacking some particular mods/admins/members several times.

I can take a good load of dirt before I go to the step and ban somebody, but don’t think everybody here is as kind as me:cool:

Anyway we have our rules here.

Oc-Freak, I think you are a star!.

On scanning your Forum decided to buy a LTR-24102B. When it arrived discovered it was a LTR-24103S. Installed it last night (my first ever writer) Did my first ever game copy ‘Settlers III Gold’ following your CloneCD settings. Now find that I can even up the writer x32 its all too much.

Do you remember your first successfuly game copy and how much pleasure it brought!. Well just remember there are hundreds of new boys like me who owe you so much.

PS. My only suggestion for improvement would be a faq. section, with up to date summaries, links, settings, hacks etc. You are as good as there with your informative threads but consider pulling it all together.

Keep up the good work!!!


Yep, that’s the small devil in my head…he keeps telling me a FAQ will be good…and I know it will be good…

But a FAQ is a shitload of work…:frowning:
But the devil is still there so maybe some time…:wink:

Well, I’ve been a CCD user for a looong time now, all the way since the first release(v1.0.0.4). And my most pleasant backup was Settlers 3 which took 75 hrs to read!!! But worked :smiley:

Good old trusty mitsumi CR-4804TE…it was one of the veeery few writers that was 100% supported by CCD :cool:

Awsum! We were all virgins once!

What about a Nationality check. Many other Fora are America v. the world, which sucks!. I bought by x24s Liteon from Overclockers.com (UK) for £52 + VAT + delivery. Thats the best deal in the UK at present!


Hi ppl,

While I’m new to this forum… I think OC-Freak’s doing quite a good job.

Was pretty impressed with his knowledge while reading some threads…which helped me to overburn on my liteon 24103S :slight_smile:

thanks OC

yes i agree OC-FREAK is the right person for this section , he is almost that smart as i am hehe just kidding :slight_smile:


I think you’re great even if you do have a touch of paranoia and have a need for some support from “your public” !

Hey maybe we all need a group hug !

What do you think fellow Lite-On freaks ?

p.s. bad voter must be a Plextor :Z man eh ?

I am new here, but have been lurking for sometime now.

I find his posts very useful and accurate.

I think OC is doing a great job and he knows what he is talking about!!!


excellent excellent

Well, let´s put it this way.

If I didn´t know better I´d ask him straight away to come work for my forum instead :D.

But, as I said I know better, first of all I don´t think he would agree :stuck_out_tongue: , And secondly I know I´d get banned to hell by the “Evil Tax_Man” for nicking his friend :wink:

OC-Freak is the right man in the right place !!

Okay u got my vote

I owe OC an 12xspeed Lite on since I just bought a 8x :slight_smile: Never thougt thad CDRW can be overclocked.

Ive not been around here too long but one thing ive noticed is oc freak is always somewere in a thread dishing out his knowledge.Nice one m8 we should have to pay you for the work you put in.:Z

Remeber that you can contribute to CDFreaks if you want to, and the best bit is that you decide for yourself how much you want to give. The money will then be distributed to the reviewers and other good things.

And OC, now there is someone here to help you… :slight_smile:

Looks like someone else always asks my questions. :slight_smile:
I just have to gobble up on all the fine answers :stuck_out_tongue:


U de MAN!!! :wink:

This is by far one of the best forums I been hanging in… Keep up the good work !

5 minutes after I posted my problem as a newbie OC-freak came to the rescue…
Not bad at all…:wink:

great job OC-Freak! Keep it up!

I can only say, thnx because the n00b that i am, and the question that i ask is considered to suck. Anywayz, thanx for the polite help :slight_smile: