What is your opinion on Lite-On and OC-Freak?

I would like to know how well I’m doing :wink:

It’s an easy task just vote(and don’t be afraid to tell your opinion, be it positive or negative) and you are done. A comment will also be nice if you have any :wink:

If I’m not doing good enough, it will be nice if you tell why. Do I have too many own opinions? Am I to rough? Do I have to little experience/know to little about the drives? And do you feel that I stampad you/somebody else down into the mud? And should I keep my mouth shut and not tell my opinions(like my opinions on abit mobos and roxio software)?

All in all I’m just trying to be better and need your help to be so.

You are very knowledgeable in this field, so I think you are the right man for this forum for sure.

You can’t help it that some people post little information or hardly put in effort of their own (i.e. using the search), yet you give it your best shot anyway (whereas some people just would get aggrevated and ignore the post).

Keep up the good work.

ps I know you cannot see who voted what, so people don’t have to worry about that anyway :wink:

OC Freak is the right guy to moderate this forum
He Knows all about liteon drives

OC- Freak you’re the right man …
very friendly and helpfully…


We like you just the way you are.


even though Lite-On drives aren’t my favorite…PLEXTOR FOREVER !!! heehee

OC-Freak you are the best for Lite-On forum.
thats the only reason i bought a CHEAP :Z Lite-On 24x (lol j/k)

keep up the good work OC-Freak.

As I’ve said before over at the Cdromguide forum, you know more about LiteOn drives than LiteOn do OC! :smiley:

For sure you are the right guy for the job. :wink:

Struth! I recommended you! This poll had better be good :wink:

You get my wote :slight_smile:

Ok, now is the time for the guy/gal who gave a bad vote for OC to own up! :slight_smile:

That can’t be bad OC, if you have only upset (somehow, can’t see it myself:confused: ) one person then you are doing a great job for sure, which of course you are.:cool:

Originally posted by Smart@$$
ps I know you cannot see who voted what, so people don’t have to worry about that anyway :wink:

But I do :smiley:

Not gonna tell though…but that person better have a good explanation :smiley:

I have only been on the forum for a short time & I have got sensible replies.
I am happy with OC-Freak.

keep up the good work!!!

I’m new to this forum, but the help given by OC and others has been excellent and just as importantly its a friendly forum


The man kicks ass what more can I say :smiley: He helped me make my DVD drive region free :cool: :cool: :cool: And thx man, I ow you one :slight_smile:

OC freak is the main man. KEEP it up. Even ur english is good considering ur in Norway. Ur probably the best guy 2 do it.

ps - lets have more of these polls…

BTW,OC-Freak,…congrats with your Admin.status…:slight_smile:

5.9 5.8 4.7 5.9 6.0

1 1 6 1 1

Looks like a Gold, for sure, just stay out of South Korea, don’t think that judge likes you…

Can’t think of anyone better. Good work, my man.

And from what ive seen of your posts your fine!


besides if you are an admin you shouldnt give a feck what people think…

if they p1ss you off ban em :smiley:

P.S. I hope i am not on your to-ban list :frowning: