What is your next Plextor CD/DVD drive going to be?

Pretty quiet on the Plextor forum lately, time for a Poll. Like the Topic says What is your next Plextor DVD drive going to be?

I’ve voted now for the 760, but it will be the 755 soon and 760 when it comes out too!

I voted: Happy with my 716.

If i had to buy a new one, that should be the 760, but when it will be for sail?


There are at the moment no exact release dates, maybe march or april or it would take a longer time.

No new Plextor drives for me as long as there is no linux support for the new drives.

I’m reasonably happy with my current Plextor PX-712A. I also have other drives - see signature.

If the PX-755 didn’t come with annoying and deliberate measures to cripple the product and harrass the customer (like breaking PxScan support) it would probably already have been sitting in my pc; instead I have chosen to add some other drives instead (NEC 4551 and LiteOn 1635).

If my current PX-712 dies, I would probably replace it with either a PX-716 or with a BenQ 1650/1655 - unless something happens regarding the “authorized” PX-755 commands to make it more customer friendly.

Plextor have chosen to cripple their product, and I have chosen to take my money elsewhere for now.

They would have to come down a lot in price for me to consider buy a plextor ever again! :eek:

I’m torn… one the one hand, my 716A is starting to act up yet again (Getting insanely large error rates in the middle-section of burns), but all of Plexy’s new drives are Linux-hostile (Can’t use Alex’s programs to use the cool features that set it apart).

I’m sitting and waiting at the moment; Plextor’s premium prices just don’t seem justified if the build quality of my 716 is anything to go by, and from what I’m hearing of the newer models it hasn’t gotten any better :frowning:

It’s a pity because I’d stick with Plextor just because the support guys (In Belgium anyway) rock so much :slight_smile:

“Not interested in buying anymore Plextor drives.”
Just sold my PX-716A RMA replacement drive on eBay and turned right around to purchase a BenQ DW1655. Sorry Plextor, these horror stories with your current drives don’t give this consumer a lot of confidence. Maybe in a few years I’ll reconsider Plextor.

happy with my 708UF and two 716As but awaiting official reviews and some meaningful user experiences regarding the 760…not a fan of Plextor’s direction with their customers which will factor in my decision…

If Plextor USA ever releases a PX-755UF or PX-760UF I’d be interested.

will I buy a new plextor? the same answer to the question will they stop trying to stop 3rd party software for their drives? :disagree:

I am happy with my 708A, 712A and 716A but I have been considering picking up another 716A before they disappear.

i sold my 716a & if 760a is good (i am interested in AS) & pxscan can be used, i might buy 706a

I’m happy with my Plextors.

I’m waiting for next PX 755 TLA# or the brand new PX 760.

However i’m very very happy of my 716!!!

I’m happy with my old trusty Plextor 708A drive. I look forward to the new models that Plextor USA will be releasing.

You missed the only Plextor worth the price in your Poll; the Plextor Premium.

After reading the latest German c’t, Plextor won’t be the manufacturer of my choice anymore. (The test included the 750 and the 755.)

@chase0039. Yes I did because the the question was “What is your next Plextor DVD drive going to be?” But you are right and maybe a Moderator can add the Premium to the Poll and change the title to “What is your next Plextor CD/DVD drive going to be?”.:wink: