What is your Internet connection speed?



360 down 22 up with virmin


My Internet speed has been automatically upgraded a few times. Now it’s officially at 130/40 Mbps, which is a conservative number compared to the actual speed:

Running on COAX.


I`m from Ukraine and pay for the Internet 3.5 $, used this internet speed test website


I just upgraded to the top internet speed FIOS offers and it is quite good. Especially for $99 per month, IMO.

I cropped out my IP address for privacy reasons.


400 says suddenlink but not so most of the time cannot wait the local electrical coop is putting fiber not to the house but all the way to you modem in the house when they do I going to tell suddenlink bye


Well i could probably get much better speeds from my phone, but
first, I dont want to pay the extra money, and second, this is free.


Just got updated