What is your Internet connection speed?



Quite happy with my current Internet connection at home (FTTC)


So my ISP just made a new faster connection available at little extra cost that I couldn’t resist; 80/30 Mbps at DKK 299,- per month (~ $45):


[QUOTE=Liggy;2748709]Quite happy with my current Internet connection at home (FTTC)

Hmmm… faster than 96% of the known universe. I could do with having that! :frowning:



I just got a tip from a friend saying don’t use the server Speedtest.net recommends if your ISP is hosting it. As the ISP has control over the server hosting the speed test, it leads to two potential issues. Your speed test is conducted over the ISP’s Intranet, so it’s not a true Internet speed test, much like test driving a car on the car dealer’s own specially prepared roads. Some ISPs are known to assign a higher priority to traffic leading to its speed test server to ensure they get the maximum figure possible which in turn helps provide free publicity for the ISP.

Sure enough, this explains the ultra-low ping times I was getting on Speedtest.net, as North West Electronics hosts its own Speedtest server and of course Speedtest.net chose that server in Derry by default. :doh: The first hop outside their network adds 10ms to the ping time going by a traceroute to any host I try.

So the following is a more realistic speed test for me, using Manchester, UK as the test server:

Or even a Usenet test:


Still living in what is supposedly the 6th slowest postcode in the country. :rolleyes: Last year a large amount of public money was given to BT to improve services in the county, but…

We do much better than most of our neighbours (thanks to some unorthodox internal re-wiring I did years ago), but if anything the downstream synch speed is worse since the exchange was upgraded to ADSL2 last year. Would change the router settings to force it to revert to ADSL1, but the upstream speed is so much better with ADSL2.


[QUOTE=Ibex;2748738]Still living in what is supposedly the 6th slowest postcode in the country. :rolleyes: [/QUOTE]
I wonder if there’s a fixed wireless provider in your area. The following site gives a rough idea which provider covers each area in the UK:

One issue I’ve already run into and was expecting is contention, particularly between 6pm and 10pm. During this time the bandwidth is ‘bursty’, which means it fluctuates between next to nothing to around 20Mb and is very obvious when playing YouTube where the video quality fluctuates between 240p and 1080p, whereas when I switch to my 5Mb DSL link, it is a consistent 720p. VoIP is practically unusable during this time also and I’d expect the same for online gaming (I don’t play video games). On the other hand, from what I’ve been hearing, the fixed wireless ISP I’m using has problems on its network as there are other fixed wireless ISPs (not in my area) that give a consistent throughput even during peak times.

The left Speedtest was around 9:20pm and the right just after 10pm:


When I was working we had an awesome download and upload now I am home and I have a mid range 59.99mon plan


Even your current speed is pretty impressive both up and down. :wink:

Personally I think once one gets 20Mb down and 10mb up, anything faster is not really going to be all that noticeable in real world use apart from either several users streaming HD videos at the same time or when transferring huge files such as a 4GB ISO.

For example, during the day when I upload lets say a 30MB file to work. This use to take about 15 minutes on my DSL connection. It now takes roughly 30 seconds. Sure a 1Gbps fibre connection would upload this in the blink of an eye, but I’m happy to wait 30 seconds compared to the 15 minutes where my Internet connection was practically choked until the 15 minute upload completed.

Most of the larger towns here have up to 100Mb down and 20Mb up with Fibre To The Cabinet. The following is an example a friend sent me living in Donegal town:

The fastest provider I’m aware of in Ireland is UPC cable, which offers 240Mb, such as in Dublin.


So much for the fixed wireless service…

It went down to a snail’s crawl last Wednesday and I reported the fault later that day. They claim to have fixed it yesterday (Monday) and asked me to run a few Speedtests. Each one gave roughly 20Mb down / 9Mb up, so that seemed fine and they closed the ticket. Each hour that passed, the speed progressively degraded and this evening it’s practically unusable again as shown above.

Luckily I kept my DSL active!


After another e-mail to NWE, they seem to have fixed it last Thursday and so far anything Full HD on YouTube appears to play fine in 1080p with the buffer shooting well ahead of the playback position. This was quite a surprise as any time I ever contacted an ISP in the past about performance issues, I generally got nowhere until I switched ISP once the contract period ended.

A quick FTP test from my web hosting account…

Only time will tell how long this lasts, but at least have DSL as backup until its contract runs out in December.


This is from a friend in Oslo


[QUOTE=alan1476;2751901]This is from a friend in Oslo[/QUOTE] Is your friend living [I]in[/I] the wiring closet at the ISP? :eek:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2751911]Is your friend living [I]in[/I] the wiring closet at the ISP? :eek:[/QUOTE]
Nope. and his Broadband plan is only equal to 30.00USD a month here. This is the provider


At that speed, you wouldn’t need a NAS. :wink:

I’m happy enough with this:

As for all the 4G hype and ads on TV, there’s no sign of 3G even coming my way:

That’s as far as it gets before it times out. If I’m lucky, I can get Google to load in the browser, but that’s about it for mobile data in my area.


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2685393]They (ComCast) just upped me to 50mbps but I had them cut me back to the previous 25 to save me $120 a year.[/QUOTE]
2 years later…From ComCast’s own optimized servers…


I have never posted my Speed ,
poorly after looking @ the above,

4meg line.


Hi Di ,it’s like night and day I’m in the 60’s but pay alot for it.It would be hard to go back ,I can still hear the aol sccreech and beeps,naw I’m hooked on speed.Sorry about all your computer problems but your the gal to fix them I wish you luck,nice to see you still giving them heck.


I recently changed ISPs from DSL to cable.
This is right at the speed I’m paying for.


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2751911]Is your friend living [I]in[/I] the wiring closet at the ISP? :eek:[/QUOTE]

LOL :bigsmile:

A speed to die for!

No change in mine, although there is an option to upgrade online to 100Mb/s, it seems it’s bundled with my ISP’s (paid for) security software, which I don’t need. Might try and call them and see if I can get the speed upgrade only :slight_smile:


I just got Fibre today. :slight_smile:
BT Infinity 1. with unlimited data, and bundled with BT Sport.