What is your Internet connection speed?



adsl 2+ connection


4G weak (1 bar) signal at Dublin airport, speed test on my laptop tethered with the phone:


mind doing good must be all this snow and ice is good for something


http://www.speedtest.net/result/3303944411.png really moving now :wink:


I recently tried changing broadband provider and the process these days is getting quite complicated. I ordered Vodafone DSL about 2 months ago and just called today asking why I’ve not changed over yet. They said I had to call BT to cancel dial-up on my line. :eek: I haven’t used dial-up in 9 years, so that was a strange one and even getting through to BT was tricky as BT was taken over by Vodafone, so just about every number I tried kept telling me to call Vodafone. Eventually I found a service number that got through and even the clerk was confused why I’m calling to cancel such a service.

From what I heard, there will be no upgrades in our area until at least 2016. The main reason of switching is to get rid of the 100GB cap and the package is cheaper.



I live about 6Km from the exchange. I used to get 600k with BT.
Now with plusnet



Still stuck with ADSL+2 speeds here, and I’m over 1 mile from the exchange. Openreach have failed ‘again’ to meet their estimated FTTC live date for the fifth time. :a


I complain about Charter internet but than I see what everybody else is getting and I don’t or can’t complain, the price is high but we have the bundle phone ,tv and internet.


Current home connection:

Although my speed has not improved, I finally got a better bundle a few months ago. My current package is €47.50/month for unlimited calls (inc UK) and Internet (300GB FUP) and 100 mobile minutes. My previous provider charged €61/month for unlimited calls (inc UK), 100GB Internet and 30 mobile minutes.

I really don’t like contracts, as every time I enter one (in this case an 18 month contract), I seem to run into a catch 2 to 3 months in and this one is no exception.

Just a few weeks ago, I picked up a rather odd Wi-Fi network on my phone while standing outside. It turned out that a fixed wireless operator started in my area that kept promising to go live several years ago and I gave up waiting. They use the new 802.11ac band and their service offers up to 50Mb down / 10Mb up. I’ve now applied, so am on their rather lengthy waiting list, so at least a few months of my other contract will be complete whenever they come to install it.


Work was 94.59 down and 95.30 up. Latency was 18ms.


Changed ISP 3 weeks ago. I’m still on ADSL but at least the connection is stable.

Connection up time 22 days


suddenlink just updated our speed from 15mbps to 50mbps for free I would rather they update the amount of data per month than the speed


[QUOTE=samlar;2743475]suddenlink just updated our speed from 15mbps to 50mbps for free I would rather they update the amount of data per month than the speed[/QUOTE]I’m on an (always on) unlimited connection, so data allowance. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Dee;2743477]I’m on an (always on) unlimited connection, so data allowance. :)[/QUOTE]
I do not use much mobile data, but my son does and he is on my plan, so he gets 12gbs of data and I get none. LOL:(


suddenlink like other cable companies do not want you using netflex so they limit it 250g a month. A lot of people do not even know they know have a limit since they never go over the limit.


http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4168363482 New Internet connecti0n, not bad [B] 49.99 a month[/B]


Until yesterday this was my speed using 4096/512 kbps ADSL from my old ISP:

Since my old ISP haven’t done anything to improve available speed in my area, I finally grew tired of waiting and switched to getting Internet from my cable-tv provider. They are in fact owned by the same telco.

The following “50/20 Mbps” isn’t the fastest available speed at my location but it’s the fastest with an attractive price (DKK 279 per month ~ $42):


I finally got my upgrade today:

It’s not fibre, but a huge improvement over my DSL connection, being well out in a rural area surrounded by farms: