What is your Internet connection speed?



[QUOTE=olyteddy;2683747]Yup. Looks like it takes that long to download the EULA!!! ;)[/QUOTE]

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For curiosity, I’ve had a look at the various satellite options now available and it turns out that QSAT appears to be using the old KU band system which has a severely limited amount of bandwidth. The newer system uses the KA band, which means means rather than one beam covering all of Europe, it uses a large number of small independent footprints across Europe. E.g. one beam has a footprint just covering Ireland. Also, unlike the KU system which typically uses a few transponders on a satellite shared with TV transmissions, the KA satellite beam uses the full capacity for Internet only.

The speed of the KA system looks good, e.g. Tooway claims to offer 20Mb down / 6Mb up, but pricing starts at €38/month with a 10GB allowance and each package above appears to be €10 per additional 10GB allowance. My current usage is ~50GB/month and as I connect to work by VPN, the latency will be a pain, never mind the cap.

One thing I did try was getting a better DSL router - TP-Link TD-W8968, which user reviews raved about on stability and sync speed. As my ISP had my speed fixed at 3072kbps, the main improvement I saw was the SNR margin, which increased from 20/19dB to 27/24dB up/down. I called my ISP and asked them once again if there is anything better they can do with my line. Every previous answer was that 3Mb was the max my line can handle, but this time they said that my line can handle 5Mb, so I told them to change my package. The 384k upload remains unchanged as that’s all the DSL providers sync at here, even if right next door to the exchange.

It may not be anything like what others are posting, but for me, I feel much happier with this. :iagree:


135.0 Mbps. Do I win? :smiley:



[QUOTE=Gaarry;2684637]135.0 Mbps. Do I win? :smiley:


Sweeet :iagree:

Must be my lucky night, I seem to have sprung a few more megs downstream:



It might be sweet if it would quit dropping out. I’m trying to recover as many movies that I lost as I can, but often it drops out, just for a minute, but it aborts the (almost done) DL. :a I have “Optimum” (?). To make it worse, I tend to compete with DLs for bandwidth, because I’m always watching videos myself. I was rather impressed yesterday though, with two downloads going on and still able to watch videos. :slight_smile: Ironically, yesterday, my bandwidth was all over the map. When it hits “1.0 Mbps”, the bottom drops out and nothing happens. I finally realized it was the cable, not my connection to it.


[QUOTE=Gaarry;2684918]It might be sweet if it would quit dropping out. I’m trying to recover as many movies that I lost as I can, but often it drops out, just for a minute, but it aborts the (almost done) DL. :a [/QUOTE]

Sounds like something I recall from dialup days:


Oh yes, the days of dial-up and …gulp… Windows '95. Crimes against humanity.


My first Internet access was back in 1997 with a 28.8k modem and of course Windows 95. I mainly used Netscape Navigator (version 3 I think) as I didn’t like how Internet Explorer never showed the download speed during a download. I think it was version 3 at the time.

I use to get up early on a Saturday and Sunday to access the Internet for several reasons - Cost, speed and hogging the line. Weekend calls were 1/5 that of weekday if I recall right and of course no one could call us if we’re on the net. As for speed, browsing performance was far quicker early in the morning that in the evening and the same was true for downloads - 3.5KB/s vs. <2KB/s.

Around 1998, I got a 56k modem and I remember my brother doing a firmware update for v90 as the modem had K56 Flex (or whatever) that ISPs did not use here. It wasn’t for another 6 months that the ISP upgraded their equipment for me to connect quicker than 33.6K. From then until around 2004, the modem connected at between 40K and 45.3K, giving around 4.5KB/s to 5KB/s on downloads. While evening speeds improved up to around 2000, another problem I faced was that downloads were getting bigger and I got more into downloading files, music, etc.

In 2003, I bought a Satellite DVB-S card so I could watch satellite on my PC. Interestingly, the card came with a 4 month subscription of a satellite-based file fetch service (called “Europe Online”.) The way it worked is I submitted a HTTP or FTP URL for a file I was interested in getting and it then downloaded the file to its server. Then it gave me a time to run its PC utility at so it could capture the file aired over the satellite. At the time it was wonderful, as I could download big files without worrying about the line dropping. E.g. dial-up throughput was about 12MB per hour and I could have a “massive” 50MB file (considered huge at the time) downloaded within the hour. Their service showed what other people were downloading (if they marked their files public), so I could add them to my list. Great way of trying out Linux, which was practically impossible to download by modem or took months of waiting for a PC magazine to include a Linux CD. Downloading public files didn’t count towards the 1GB/month limit.

In 2002, I got a hybrid satellite Internet connection, which worked by using satellite for the downlink and a modem for the uplink. This was my best Internet upgrade experience. However, it was short lived as the service got heavily congested just a few months later to the point where the modem on its own was quicker in the evening. I tried out 4 different providers (1-3 month subscriptions) before finally settling on one. It turned out that the faster the speed they claimed, the worse the performance, with a 2Mb service practically unusable. The service I settled on (I think SatADSL based in Italy) offered 300kbps and it was consistent for the 2 years I used it. Most downloads came at 35KB/s and I got ISDN for the last 6 months so I could use the Internet without hogging the phone line. It also gave me a faster 64kbps uplink.

In 2005, my line finally got DSL enabled and only for one reason. A competitor fixed wireless service provider got funding to install their service in my town. Just after they went live, I got notified my line is now DSL capable. In fact, our tiny village got DSL before any of the bigger neighbouring towns, including Killybegs! I started with 1Mb down/128k up and got two upgrades over the years (2Mb/256k and then 3Mb/384k). After that, each provider claimed that was the maximum my line could handle until I recently bought the TP-Link router, which after about 2 months of use, my ISP gave me the option to upgrade to 5Mb/384k, likely due to the router’s better DSL modem.

At the moment, I’m quite happy with 5Mb on the downlink as I can watch most HD streams. For the occasional large download, I just queue them and have my PC run the downloads while at work.


Ahhh, 28.8k modem, 56k modem, NS3, win '95, constant disconnects… such memories… sigh (queing up “Those Were The Days My Friend”):slight_smile:


With so many shops now offering free Wi-Fi, I thought I’d try a few Wi-Fi hotspot Speedtests. :wink:

From what I heard, all the Tesco supermarkets have free Wi-Fi, so while in the Tesco in Letterkenny, this is what I got:

Nothing too exciting, but then again, when has shopping online actually meant going online while you shop? :stuck_out_tongue:

The actual Letterkenny shopping centre has its own free Wi-Fi network, but unlike Tesco, there is seating and a café, so plenty of areas to actually sit down to use a tablet, laptop, etc. As the shopping centre was closed when I was there today, the following Speedtest was when I was last there a few weeks ago:

Pity it’s a 1.5 hour drive from home, otherwise it would be an ideal place to do a bulky upload (e.g. YouTube.)

Jacksons hotel in Ballybofey - 4th April while out for lunch:


They (ComCast) just upped me to 50mbps but I had them cut me back to the previous 25 to save me $120 a year.


You call this a …connection???



ePlus in Germany



Got this speed test on the 3 network (3G) in Ardara, performed on my laptop: :eek:

The uplink sure made my jaw drop, definitely the quickest speed test I’ve seen so far, let alone on a 3G network.

I then began to wonder if Speedtest was measuring it properly, considering it once showed a 1Mb result on my home DSL which can’t sync above 384k up. So I dropped an 89MB file into my BitTorrent Sync folder and opened the transfer list:

This speed persisted and completed in just 3 minutes. If only they 3 would put up a mast in my area…


Remember the old days " Get off the internet I have to make a phone call" That’s all I heard. :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:


Hahaha I remember that. I also remember some sort of signal sis and I had but I don’t remember what it was. Mom used to get pissed because she’d try to call and I was online and it wouldn’t answer. “Why don’t you make it answer when I call” she would ask. “Mom, it don’t work like that…”

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This test surprised me

my cable company test show different

So I tried www.speedtest.net again and got a more realistic number


This is me on a good day/time.

I hate this thread :slight_smile:

Regds, JR


Well, now I’m depressed. I just did the speed test thingy and it ain’t what it’s supposed to be. I keep noticing though that my speed is all over the map. 13.5 one second and 81.0 the next. It’s supposed to be 135.0, which it is sometimes, but didn’t seem to be when I was doin’ the test. pout (need a pout smily)


A new record for me, in rural West Sussex, England, a long long way from our exchange. I got a new router with a built in ADSL modem (a Netgear DGND 3700 v2) - this seems to have made a difference.

At this speed, I can almost watch high def programmes from BBC Iplayer in real time.

Onwards and Upwards,

Regds, JR