What is your favorite thing to watch?

I love the tv series scrubs and just saw them all, been watching less dvd’s latlly (gone from blockbuster movie pass back to netflix for a little while so I cannot just get something new every nite). What to watch, what to rent, what to download???
I went back to netflix because they showed buck rogers (the series) avalable now, but when I suscrbed, they will not be released till 11/16.
I loved that series as a kid when it was on tv. I also want to get battle star galactica. There is nothing new (not enough new anyway).
There has got to be something good out there that I have not seen. Finding it is the problem though.
So what is your favorite (movie, series, pilot, short film, home movie). What do you like to watch.
I thought it might be fun to discuss it and tell what you like and or are looking foward to seeing. I am looking foward to seeing buck rodgers and battlestar galactica, how bout you?

i used to look forward to a uk comedy called little britain, but the quality has decreased and they just arnt funny any more. so i guess it would have to be the simpsons.

ben :slight_smile:

Porn! What else?
Actually I like Discovery Channel. Mad TV, Action, Adventure and Fantasy movies. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Currently watching:
-The Simpsons
-Nova & Frontline (PBS)
-Enterprise (compared to the rest of Star Trek, it royally sucks; even worse than Voyager… but I still watch it :p)

Have on DVD and watch every now and then:
-Star Trek: TNG, DS9, TOS, VOY
-Futurama (wohoo!)
-Dilbert (not really)
-The Simpsons

I can`t wait for series 2 of The Green Wing on C4.

must have seen series 1 3 times now thanks to the re-runs on E4 :smiley:

originaly posted by ben i used to look forward to a uk comedy called little britain, but the quality has decreased and they just arnt funny any more.

i agree BBC3 need to bin this its just not funny, they need more new stuff like the smoking room.

not to forget teachers also on C4.


I like to watch my next door neighboor undress. :iagree: :wink:

Oh and I also like to watch new episodes of Southpark.

lol @ peeping tom (aka gil t)

CSI, Law & Order, Discovery, History Channel, and here lately a few Anime titles(since joining netflix). Haven’t ever watched any TV Series on DVD, but I’m going to try a few out.

…oh yeah, and Porn.:bigsmile:

Scrubs is good but Simpsons is better. Then there’s Conan and Letterman (lots of zapping since both are on at the same time) and anything involving WW2 tanks on Discovery. Or Land Rovers. Or Range Rovers. Or Chirs Barrie.

Seen all the southpark episodes (southpark rules), and all of futurama. there are still some simpson episodes I haven’t seen but I have seen lots of them. I have been meaning to see more star trek eppisodes (deep space nine, voyager etc.). I think that there are still some I havent seen. I’ll have to look and see if they are avalable at netflix (or if they are even on dvd yet). I watch enterprise occationally but never really could get that interested in it.

Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, sports, news, the 3 Austin Powers movies I have on DVD :iagree: :iagree: and p0rn offcourse.

HBO, Spectrum, Eurosport (Fight Club).
“Meet Joe Black”, “Pacte des Loups”, “Boys and Girls” some of the movies that I like to watch time to time (anytime).

Kenshin, the first thing on my mind.

Family Guy

Boobies! La Blue Girl & porn (for when boobies are not around ;))

Um, seriously, Futurama, Red Dwarf, Simspons, Dilbert.
Never Star Trek. Well, maybe after I build my own enterprise…

The Amazing Race & Monday Night Football


But isn’t that what your wife should say. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: