What is your favorite drive ever?

In all your years of burning (and scanning and ripping), which drive that you owned or still own has turned out to be your favorite? Of course, most people have probably owned many good drives but which one stood/stands out or which one (if any) has a special place in your heart?

Bonus question: which one did you dislike (or even hate)?

CD: Plextor Premium
DVD: Plextor PX-755/760(S)A
BD: Pioneer BDR-208D

Also good: Pioneer BDR-206D

Not good: NEC ND-4570A (I got as replacement for a defective ND-3550A)

Tough question.

The best: Benq 1640.
The worst: Pioneer 111.

Favourite burner: Optiarc AD-7201S
Favourite scanner: NEC ND-3540A

CD - HP 8100
DVD - DW1620
BLU-RAY - 1st gen WH16NS40

BenQ DW1640 - but I lost interest. I sold all I had just about 6 months ago.

Optiarc AD-7200S.

Now I don’t own any internal burners.
I have an LG USB3 burner which I haven’t had out its box for years.

I have an optical drive in each of my old computers, but rarely use them anymore.

Of the ones I have left, my favorite is an LG GGW-H20L, which is a Blu-ray burner with HD-DVD reading capability as well. Compared to many other drives I’ve used, it is built well… very solid, and operates smoothly and quietly. It was never the best for Blu-ray burns that looked pretty on scans, but it has never failed, nor have I had issues with discs burned in it. And this LG was always a great reader.

I think I’ve burned one disc this year, and used it to read about four discs. :slightly_smiling_face: To think that I was worried at one point that I was down to less than fifty Taiyo Yuden blank DVD’s. My collection of high quality blank media will be unused for decades… until whoever inherits my stuff unknowingly tosses it in the garbage bin.

I have an external friendly drive of the LG family of UHD drives, and it serves its purpose, I have not burned a DVD in more than 5 years.

What specifically about the ND-4570A was bad? I know there were issues with DVD writing quality but were there any other problems? I am thinking of getting an ND-3570A actually as it is supported by QPxTool and based on what I have read the NECs were really well-built drives, while the AD-7170 had major build quality issues, which makes me worry a bit about the durability of the AD-7200S. I already have an SH-224DB for DVD burning (and can always get another TSST if necessary) and reading difficult discs, so I am not too worried about those aspects of the ND-x570A

Yeah, the DVD write quality. And it’s not the best reader either. I still have it in an external USB enclosure.

According to the Myce preview it is a great CD writer though and that (along with CD quality scanning) is what I care the most about as I already have my TSST for other stuff.

Of course, I could get a Philips 8801/96 (DW1650) as well but crossflashing that one is a hassle (being able to use Liggy’s binflash on Linux is much more convenient).

I currently have an LG UHD friendly external drive, which is the brand I’ve usually used to burn Cds, DVDs, and blank Blu-Ray discs, but I haven’t burned anything in over 3 years.

I currently just convert my DVD and Blu-Ray collection into either ISO or MKV, and then store them on my external hard drives.

Have not yet purchased mine, but know I am arriving to my decision

If you are getting a drive that is currently in production, I would not get anything other than the Pioneer BDR-212/2212 or a Lite-on Premium based drive (i.e. Plextor SAF Plus, AD-5290S Plus, the Piodata or Ridata drive) because those are the only ones with decent build quality it seems.

I have to give props to the BenQ DW822A. DVD+ and - compatible, firmware upgraded it to dual layer after I bought it. Quick at ripping movies (8 to 12X). I’ve used mine until the eject button is worn out. I had no expectations about BenQ at the time, but evidently they built drives good enough to be rebadged as Plextor and Sony and others.