What is your favorite Burning Program?



I was wondering what everyone's favorite burning program was and why?



I use Adaptec easy cd creator 4.01 or 3.5c;
fireburner and Nero . . .
To make images I sometimes use Cdrwin and sometimes blindread.

why I use these? just because with these you can copy anything.


My #1 always was Nero! But lately I like CloneCd more than Nero! (copies everything!) For PSX it’s WinOnCd, cause it has never let me down on a psx-game! Can’t say that about nero or cdrwin! Cdrwin? I like it because it because it burns my audio perfect!
Well… C Ya L8rz…!


I use nero for all my professional needz


I always use Nero but since alot of ppl praise the CDClone I will give it a try when I get a compatible reader.


I use Nero for all my copies but sometimes i use CDRWIN for protected cd and so


Adaptec has a real easy user interface. Click - drag - and burn. Yet it lacks if your trying to copy a disc with a fake TOC. Nero Burning Rom has always been my first choice.


CloneCD all the way, beside that NERO!



I agree with the last reply, but will also add Feurio as AUDIO burning program: Works fast + possibility to edit and player inside the program…“give it a try”!


Besides Nero, I can recommend everybody CDClone. Cd Clone was the only programm which made a perfect copy of Encarta 2000, without any problems. The best programm there is!


NERO is the way to go ! Never had any problems.



I like the nICE MP3-Listmaker with burning features. (by DoMiN8ToR)


Nero rules so far it has worked everytime and never let me down.
(i use a mitsumi 4x burner)


I just got Nero from dividezero. It worked great for extracting auido cd tracks from an enhanced cd. It made one coaster, but I just exited the proggie, and did it again no probs!! Great!! Now I’m d/l winoncd and psxcopy to give a whirl.


1: nero
2: clone cd
3: cdrwin