What Is Your Experience with New Nero7960

If anyone has installed new Nero would nice to post your experience with this new version of Nero, is it stable?, reliable?.


I have previously had problems with nero 7 http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=201248&highlight=leadout+problem
but since installing on a clean install of Vista 32 business edition I have had no problems and the Leadout failure problem that used to annoy me on version 7.5.9.x is definately solved

However in saying that I should admit that my hardware has changed somewhat as I have installed a new Mobo (Asus P5BE-1394) now with a raid-0 array for boot drive and Pioneer DVR212 Sata Burner. whereas when the problem existed I had a P5B vanilla Mobo with a single Hd & 2 IDE DVD drives Pioneer DVR110 and Pioneer DVD121

Hope this is useful info


Hi bernievink,

Thanks for your input, I am in process of doiing clean install of this version of Nero bot in XP & VISTA platforms and will post the results later.

Is a version of Nero Ultra Edition, or Nero Ultra Edition Enhanced?

In reallity both versio are the same just the name to boost the sales.

This is the worst verson (NVE natch) for audio sync issues. The first time I came across it, it was so bad, I thought it was intentional in the film I was watching.

Flies from the same sources, okay on previous versions, fail with this one.
Now using ffdshow, a much better codec, which I intend to use in the future. Also, cannot split files with this version.

Did you do clean removal of previous version before you installed this one?.


Hi :slight_smile:
Except one supports LabalFlash & the other doesm’t. :wink:

I thought “LabelFlash” is only embadded into Premium version for European market.

I had problems with Nero Premium when writing to multiple burners.
It doesn’t write. It’s freezing and the window name becomes “Done” but nothing is done. I didn’t go back to since therea are other problems there “resolved” by Nero is the one that I use. … And I’m starting using ImgBurn … seems to be very good and it’s free.

can someone please expand on which version is suitable for labelflash please, as i have one of these drives and want to be able to use the feature !

i was under the impression that all the latest versions could do both labelflash, and lightscribe (possible reuirement for lightscribe host program as well)

As far as I know the Premium Version of Nero for European market comes with LabelFlash and Ultra Edition for US market have LightScribe capability. If you have Product Key for both versions then you can have one of these versions installed with both keys and have LS & LF capability.

ok, here’s some info … and i can confirm this as i have just installed the Ultra edition, from the 2 cd retail pack

the label flash and lightscribe features are not included in the basic ultra package … only in the “Enhanced” version, now this brings up an interesting question…

if, ultra = premium, then does Ultra Enhanced = Premium Reloaded ??

i do have the ability to test your theory there btw, about being able to install either serial and get both, i will have to try it out and see what happens, could lead to some very interesting results … especially regarding the product naming :stuck_out_tongue:

here is some info from the nero site (ultra versions)





forgot to say, once installed, you can update the ultra edition to the “enhanced” edition using the file from this page :slight_smile:


Lightscribe & Labelflash lose out to a sharpie or inkjet printer anyway :stuck_out_tongue: