What is your defect?



I actually thought of money-metal wrapped on a body, I guess I’m too preoccupied with money things. :frowning:


That reminds, me:
Is money a defect, cause I never have any :frowning:


no, no money is a handicap, not a defect :slight_smile:


I dont know if you cant spend it right then it is defect


Life is are lemon ands i want my money buck :stuck_out_tongue:


where should i start…
i’m obsessive complusive…at times
I have adhd…
i’m a nympho…yes that is a bad thing…
i talk too much
work too hard
play not near enough…
shall i go ON?


I have a short fuse about some things
I cry when I’m extremely pissed off (I hate that so much :a )
I can be a bitch for no reason
I’m too lazy when it comes to housework
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis
I let myself gain too much weight after my son was born
I’m a perfectionist when it comes to spelling

I can’t think of anything else right now… :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe that’s a great merit especially on these web boards. :clap:

(About the rest… seems so much like my wife.)


Combining these two talents: I think you qualify as a weapon of mass destruction :bigsmile:

Another one of mine as well: I usually can’t sense other peoples emotions and if i do i really don’t care about them. It leaves little friends and many enemies.

  • I have a short fuse when i comes to nagging…

-I play my enemies like a game of chess. I’ll bite and just won’t go till I’ve won!

-I’m workaholic, but it’s more that I do it often then fast…

-The gaspaddle of my car is either on or off, there is nothing in between…


I don’t play “chess” :slight_smile:


You are not my enemy… so nevermind! :bigsmile:


Ah confession time :slight_smile:

  • I have a thing for stuff I can’t have
  • Sometimes I’m too soft and can’t get angry, even if it would be for the best
  • I spend too much money
  • I’m in ICT
  • I have some overweight
  • I’m going bald
  • I drive too fast
  • I sleep too little
  • I play music way too loud
  • I should spend less time working at the PC and taking photographs