What is your defect?



Bad eyes, smelly feet, bold, braintumor, ADHD, etc… Please tell us “what’s your defect, if you dare!” :iagree:

Mine is dyslexia, now tell us yours/ :flower:


Bipolar. (manic depression). And I don’t give a crap about much.


Physical defects? Maybe too many to list… and I hardly ever visit a hospital of any kind so most things I know about me is guesses. Right now, entire respiratory system and some bones have problems. Hm… especially this right hand, the two docs I asked didn’t know what to do with it, either. (Sometimes very inconvenient as I nearly always wash clothes and dishes manually and pushing a wheelchair that has about 5-inch wheels on rough terrain takes a lot of right-hand efforts.) If I were to have “SEON” meetings, the traditional things where a woman’s parents and a man’s parents prepare for the never-met-before two people to have a meeting to see if they can make a good couple (for marriage), most of the women on the other seats will think my height’s the biggest defect, but then being not tall hasn’t been a big problem except perhaps needing a little more chair height to reach the ceiling to change bulbs. Since I was about 2 years old (right after a truck hit me), my right leg always seemed instable… weak and trembling, but I never knew the exact why.




Porn, pot and games? :stuck_out_tongue:


All of the above…! (well me too, bahaha)


Apathy … Lack of Ambition … Hair which cannot be tamed … Opinionated … Pig headedness … tendency to sweat in even frosty conditions … tendency to overheat & get sleepy in warm or hot weather conditions … routine … perfectionist …


I don’t see that fantastic and i have poor speech.


One of which can be easily remedied with medically prescribed lenses, the other is a temporary condition which should go away within 12 months :bigsmile:


I dont have defects … only to other’s ;o)


Those are the main three indeed :slight_smile:


I’ve always denied my problems with alcohol (mainly BeeR’s of cause). Now that I’ve confessed, I feel kinda relieved.


Care for a beer on this emotional moment? :slight_smile:


Would be nice


pervert :smiley:


You should respect elderly people, even if they’ve some …Erm…minor defects. :bigsmile:


A love for metal and all things weird/macabre


Metal on your body? Must look shiny.


i was talking about my defect :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Bahahah, no… Music wise :wink:

Oh, and is being anti-Christian a defect? :wink: