What is your 1640's burst rate?



mine is only 23M, compared with my asus DVD’s 26M, it’s way lower.

so may you post yours here? thanks


Same here, 23MB/sec, which is a little over half of my Pioneer’s 37-40MB/sec. The 23MB/sec is the normal burst rate for the BenQ DW1640/1620 Pro.


UDMA2 should get you that 22-26MB burst rate…the Pioneer A09/109 and Plextor PX-716A can operate in UDMA4 which gets you the 42-46MB burst rates…


Hi :slight_smile:
I get 24mbs consistantly with both of my 1640’s.


23 on the BenQ 1640
26 on the NEC 3500
34 on the Liteon 1693


24MB/s every time, says CD-DVD Speed v4.04.


i suspect the the low burst rate keeps 1640 from burning safely at 16*


burst rate is reading.

reading != burning

therefore burst rate does not apply to 16x burning.



It’s actually the data transfer rate in either direction, so it affects both reading and writing. 23MB/s is just enough for 16x - any lower than this and the maximum reading and writing speed will level off before it reaches 16x - sometimes the result is not pretty. :wink:


BenQ 1640: 23MB with Commercial Pressed Game CD; 24MB with DVD+RW.

Plextor 716A: 29MB with self-burned Audio CD; 44MB with DVD+RW.

Why the different media: It’s past my bedtime.


i stand corrected :slight_smile:
wonder if those AOpen drives w/the UDMA66 interface are any faster?


Here’s a quick question: I usually get 23-24 mb burst rate when I do CDSpeed by itself, but when I have Azureus running and downloading something, I notice the burst rate falls to 21-22 mb (although I’m only doing burn testing then). So, does that mean the burst rate can be affected during the test by other programs like that (those that run and download using a high-speed connection)?


Anything that uses the CPU I guess. I can’t get above 22mb but perhaps it’s because eMule is eating 33% CPU most of the time. I am using MS drivers but am thinking of trying those beta VIA IDE drivers.

EDIT: Hmm. With those beta accellerator drivers I managed to get 23mb once but then it dropped back to 22mb each time. Ah well. Might be because i have other stuff running as stated.