What is wrong with Windows 7?

Or: why do the manufacturers of optical drives release lots of firmware updates with “Windows 7 compatibility” in the changelog?
This started with TSST (Samsung), including OEMs like Dell, and now (31-10-2009) LG released a whole bunch of new firmware versions on their korean website - the only thing I was able to read there was “Windows 7” :confused:

So, if optical drives need firmware updates to work properly with 7, what is different in its handling of ODD compared to Vista and older flavours of Wintendo?


Hmmmm… don’t know myself I’m using the same FW SB04 on all of my Samsung SH-S203B drives
on XP Pro 32 bit, Vista Ultimate 64 bit, and Windows 7 64 bit and I can see no difference in the way they
burn on any of the three OS’s they all burn the same no matter which OS I’m using at the time when I
decide to burn something. :confused:

Yea, seems strange.

I am running Win7 on three systems with 10 different ODD and have not had a single problem

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all doing this just to show that their drives work with Windows 7, in case they wonder if consumers are specifically checking if their drives offer Windows 7 support. Makes me wonder if the new firmware does anything at all, probably other than add support for new media.

My old Lite-on SOHW-1693S works perfectly well in Windows 7 (64-bit) and it hasn’t had a firmware update in a couple of years. :slight_smile:

my 223Bs are still on SB02 and work fine in Win7