What is wrong with the download link!


I saw the other post about the person having difficulties download the VeloSSD software and a link was provided. I purchased the professional edition and was having trouble downloading the software also using the provided link on the email sent to me (super slow and got a network error). I used the link in the other post, installed the software and guess what, it said there was a 32GB drive cache limit (I’m guessing it’s the free 32GB cache limit edition?). I paid for the professional edition with the 256GB cache limit. Please either fix your download link (which is very very slow) or please provide a link to the professional edition.

Thank you.

Okay never mind. It’s the same software. I actually had to activate the software first before trying to configuring it. I was able to successfully cache the full 128GB mSata drive as a cache. I guess activate first and then configure for future point of reference.

Yes, without activation it is limited to the trial functionality.
We have updated the downloads page to use the fast link.
However, the download links in the emails were updated
by the time we established the new download directory.