What is wrong with my NEC3500?

Do you guys know if external cases or the drives themselves go bad very often/easily? I have both my 3500 and Lite-on 832S in Bytecc External USB2.0 cases.

And lately, the results of my burns have varied greatly from the burns i made when i got the drive 3-4 months ago.

My RICOHJPNR01 burns used to be really good, but the quality has decreased lately. I just got some TYT02 media from Rima.com, and the results of my burns never looked like the burns most of you guys get with TY media. So thinking maybe i got a bad batch, i got some Fuji TY media. My first 2 burns are below. This can’t be normal, especially with TY media. Also, i just burned a Verbatim 16X MCC004 disc, and the results were decent, but noticeably worse then they used to burn.

Any thoughts?


I would say that my NEC3500 just went bad, but my Lite-on TY burns aren’t too great either. Thats why i’m questioning the external cases. Heres a Fuji TYT02 burned at 8X with Lite-on 832S:

Got anyway to hook them up internally?

Unfortunately no, i only have my laptop. I could probably install them in a friend’s desktop tower, but probably not til next week sometime.

Any other ideas?

I think what i’m going to do is install my 3500 in a desktop later today, and make a burn. I hope that my external enclosure is the problem, rather than my burner go bad.

if you had looked in the media forum you would find that quite a few people are having issues with tyT02 so more than likely it is not the drive no matter if the burns suck or not.


i originally thought this was a TY media problem, but getting bad batches of both from Rima.com and the Fuji from Best Buy, seems to be pushing it.

Plus, it seems as if all my other media burns aren’t as good as they used to be. Hopefully i will find some time today to get the 3500 installed in a desktop to see if the burn quality is any different. I’m not sure what else i can do to see what the problem is.

Well guys, i just got done burning a couple discs with the 3500 installed in a desktop tower. First disc is a TYT02 burned at 8X and the second is a Verbatim MCC004 also burned at 8X. These scans are a little bit better compared to the ones in my first post.

So what do you guys think the problem is? These latest scans with the drive in a desktop might have been just a little better since the transfer rate wasn’t limited by USB.

Do you guys think maybe the Lite-on 832S is just faulty? Is it possible that its just gone bad and isn’t scanning accurately? All the discs i’ve burned here lately have played fine in my standalone dvd player, so i’m not sure if i should believe the scans or not.

Thanks for any input

edit: forgot the scans :o