What is wrong with my 1620 and this Sony media? Help

I picked up a couple of spindles of the Sony +R media at CompUSA the other day and it is burning horrible. It is the Sony D11 media, which I have gotten great burns off of on my old drive. This new Benq I bought sucks with it though. Am I doing something wrong. I’ve burned it from 2.4x-12x and all my scans on those discs look horrible. I’ve even used 3 different firmwares. I’ve used B7P9, B7S9, and B7T9.

These scans I attached below are from a 4x burn on the B7S9 firmware. They are a good indicator of what this drive has been doing with these discs.

I’ve burned CMC E01 and TY T02 discs and they have all burned great. What am I doing wrong with these?

Never came on your mind to put the question like; “what is this media doing to my drive?” :slight_smile:

If your drive burns other kind of media well, then most probably you got a bad batch of Sony´s.

Well, it’s doing this from 2 different spindles so I figured the likelyhood of 2 spindles being bad was slim. I didn’t know if there was any issue between this media and the Benq drive since I know other drives sometimes have problems with a specific media as well.

Try Firmware B7T9 or B7U9 as B7S9 was meant for asian markets with cheap media.

I also am having problems with this media (Sony D11’s). Walmart recently started selling this media where I live. They have a ****load of it too in 25 and 50 pack spindles at really cheap prices. A few will burn ok and then 1 will screw up. Out of about 15 I burned I got 5 coasters so far. Most of the discs screw up at the beginning of the burn. I’ve had problems burning at 4x and 8x.

I didn’t try any Nero quality tests on them because I use Clone DVD to burn and I’m guessing the Nero test results wouldnt be accurate. I’ve been using Maxell 002’s before I bought these Sony discs and have never had a problem with them. Guess these Sony discs just don’t agree with this burner.

SONY DVD MEDIA has been crappy lately. I decided to stop using them. I had a 50 pack spindle of DVD+R from COMPUSA and they didn’t work in any of my dvd burners. I returned the spindle and got my money back. Too bad SONY is having bad batches of their media going around. This has been reported on other forum sites as well. I bought a 50 pack spindle of MEMOREX 8x DVD-R from OFFICE DEPOT a few weeks back which is ProdiscF01 media code and they burn great with all my drives. I’d suggest staying away from SONY DVD MEDIA. Just my 2 cents!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: