WHAT is wrong with Astalavista.box.sk?

No matter what i search for, astalavista gives zero hits. Do any of you guys have the same experience, or is it me ?

Got the Same replie…
Searched for several cracks that I know are on file, and came up with 0 pages of 805 in database… Could be their updating the database… Or is it the begining of the end, as has been the the case of so many good sites???

I’ll try again in a couple of daz

Check the other mirrors of astalavista (see astalavista.box.sk, below the search form). I use the one located in Norway, that one works fine.

i just checked all the mirrors to be sure.

Only the main site and the UK mirror don’t work, all the other astalavista mirrors work fine. I am not sure if they are still updated…