What is wrong with aspi 4,71?

sometimes ago i installed kprobe and with it it installed aspi4.71.
i have never before had aspi on mij XP system. but i see no problems

when i read the forums i see that almost everybody says that you must uninstal it

why will somebody who makes a very good scan program Kprobe uses a "bad "aspi and what will be the problem when i use it :confused:

Well Olli sums this up perfectly…

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Aspi 4.71 is buggy as hell. As for kprobe, I wouldn’t use anything coded by a spammer! Get yourself aspi 4.6 which can be found in the Force ASPI package.

Ahead’s ASPI layer is a great substitute to Adaptec’s, just copy WNASPI32.dll (included in every Nero release) to %WINDIR%/System32

oke i red the replays twice but nero dont use aspi , dvd decrypter dont use it that,s the programs i burn with
it is installed on the system by Kprobe is there a [sneeky] way that the aspi4.7 can made my burns bad even when dont use it :confused:

Like DiiZzY said Nero uses it’s own ASPI. ASPI 4.7 like I said is buggy and WILL cause bad burns even when you don’t use it, If you get force aspi you can remove ASPI 4.7 completely and have no ASPI layer or you can install 4.6 which comes with the package

Ok guys, i have no idea bout this. I have not changed the aspi layer on my xp load. I never had any burn probs. Do I need to change it? I did try to load in forceASPI once and it made me pc blue screen when i put new disk in my drives.


you don’t need to change if you’re getting no probs.

Best ASPI solution I found, with numerous people here agreeing with me in the past is to use 4.57 then upgrade to 4.60

That combo is most all around compatible and has best stability

As said earlier by meembers, dont use latest 4.7x because Nero just didn’t get that quite right… Links below


Use the Search on how to KillASPI to remove any version you have now

Best of luck!!!

As said earlier by meembers, dont use latest 4.7x because Nero just didn’t get that quite right…

I think you’re mixing it up, Nero (Ahead AG) uses its own ASPI layer which is located in its program directory and 4.7x is written by Adaptec which does not equal Ahead. :slight_smile:
Keep in mind that ForceASPI (which Womble promotes) uses Adaptec’s ASPI layer although several sites that hosted the file have been asked by Adaptec to remove it (possibly legal issues). I asked Womble to look into this matter due to your forum policy and I didn’t hear a word from him. Ahead’s ASPI Layer is on the other hand free of use as long as you mention Ahead AG as user although they do not recommend putting it in %WINDIR%/System32 :slight_smile:

The only application I’ve noticed that doesn’t play along well with Ahead’s ASPI layer is KProbe (which enforces an install of ForceASPI whether you like or not, at least older versions did) although it also supports SPTI so you’ll be fine anyways.
Also, the stock installer by Adaptec will only install ASPI if it finds a SCSI card made by Adaptec.

There’s also no point in installing 4.57 then 4.60 over the top as 4.60 will just overwrite the earlier version completely leaving no trace of the earlier version.