What is WOPC?

What is WOPC? I have a BenQ 1640(Philips 1628>BenQ 1640)

Google search for what is wopc returns a list of possibilities.

The third item is this: What is WOPC II?

Short for Walking Optimal Power Control II, WOPC II is an algorithm that dynamically adjusts laser power to optimize quality across different types of media.
Unlike other drives which preset the writing power before the actual writing of data, the Walking Optimal Power Control algorithm evaluates the writing quality constantly and adjusts the writing power accordingly in order to ensure the best possible writing quality over the entire disc. WOPC technology is commonly found in BenQ products which contain “Write Right Technology” which utilizes WOPC II.

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Walking optimum power control :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for filtering the results and giving that clear, concise definition, DrageMester. I’m always amused/dismayed by users taking the lazy way out instead of doing their homework and making their own decisions.
What really bugs me are questions like, “Which burner should I buy?” or “Should I divorce my wife?”

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In Divorcing wife portion of the question the answer is “YES”.

Thanks for your opinion but the guy decided to have her flashed with the latest firmware and says everything works fine.

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