What is with these scans?

Some one help!! Whats with this scan. How come the better disc I buy , the worse the scans get??? This is RiData 16x. These are top rated discs are they not?

Ritek is for the most part junk. They produce some good media but they also produce alot of junk. If you want good media, it’s hard to go wrong with Taiyo Yuden or MCC/Verbatim, among a few others.

Actually you can’t go by rated speed necessary indicating quality. For instance, 8x TY02 would be better media even RiData 4x Ricohjpnr01 would produce better scans. Now you could try flashing your burner with T version firmware and see if that helps. Also I don’t know what speed yuo burned them at, but you could slow it down to 8x or 4x.

crap I should have just got the 16 x verbatim, from now on THATS IT!!

That should fix any problem…