What is video and audio ts?

I have recently made a 4 wheeler video and my cousin edited it and made it into a dvd for me. Now I am trying to play it on my comp using winamp and windows media player and it wont let me. Do I need to take the video ts and audio ts files and convert them into something or download a reader for this extension? Any good links on stuff like this? Thanks!


There are a couple options for DVD readers. I use winDVD and it does a good job. You could also download the latest version of Windows Media player, as it supports the DVD format. I beleive the latest version is version 10 you can get it from the microsoft update page.

Here’s a Link for you. I’d try Media Player Classic, VLC Media player, and Zoom Player and see which one you like the best. I use Zoom Player the most, but vlc probably plays more types of files. If you just drag and drop the video_ts folder on Media player classic it should play. I honestly think once you use one of these players, you’ ll never use the windows media player again.

downloaded zoom and winDVD. WinDVD is what I am using now. Will have to play with them a lil’ b4 I make a final decision. Any good programs for editting files like this and making it an mpeg? Thx l8er

Any good programs for editting files like this and making it an mpeg?

If you go back to videohelp.com you will find many a tool to do what you want, a lot of them are free, too.